Qi and Viruses

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So viruses are non-living lifeforms, they only activate once they reach certain conditions, i.e. appear inside the host / a living body and they use the living body cells to reproduce and mutate, and go through evolution.

Science knows of thousands of viruses, but supposedly there could be millions of different viruses out there.

Quite a lot of those viruses can easily kill a human or an animal and there is nothing that can be done in most cases despite all the technological advancement of the human civilization.

Did anyone conduct any research on the nature of the virus? I am not talking about Covid-19 here, I am talking in a much broader spectrum of the issue.

Can Qi affect viruses? How would that work? Any examples or sound theories?

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I have met some high level qigong masters


and i have known people who visited other high level teachers (John Chang Etc)


I can tell you this


while increasing your qi through something like neigong will increase your defensive or waiqi levels


it certainly cant protect you much from a stong virus like Ebola


unless your very high level possibly


I known some masters who can project their qi, and they still get sick with flus and colds


what does that tell you?

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