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I though that not long after the INFERNO  (situation and tread ) ended I would be posting this !


Not only do we have a heavy wet season pattern happening , it started to circulate like a big inland cyclone .


And now a big over the sea cyclone has come down and is sitting off the coast close to here .  Very far south for a cyclone .... the two systems seem to me moving together . Its already sodden , flash flooded ... SES and emergency getting more call outs than they where with the inferno !


Its only just set in. Already  I suppose I am flooded in after constant rain last night  . I should have gone out in the car yesterday and got supplies , but I didnt . 


Just checked rain getting heavier , I have a creek running past back and front doors   now .


report says the cyclone will dissipate as it moves from the warm Coral Sea into the cooler Tasman Sea .  Maybe ,  the biggest flood on record here was from a cyclone sitting just off the coast in the Tasman sea in winter  .



Some  images of a big flood here ;







a bit of rain









the one lane bridge out the valley near my place



note ;  'give way'   sign     :D  



One year ... flood goes down .... no bridge .... goes down further .. where the hell is the bridge .... goes down further  ....  Oh look, there it is, still in one piece. on its side against the bank 200m downstream !


Oh- O ! 


We had a cable punt for 3 weeks  - that was fun !    people just left their cars on whatever side they where stuck on with keys in them and we shared cars ..

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My Country by Dorethy Macellar




I love a sunburnt country,
A land of sweeping plains,
Of ragged mountain ranges,
Of droughts and flooding rains.




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wow... just wow!


Incredible how the inertia of water, tends to dwarf all other phenomenon!

It's always hard to watch the torrential rains come in after fires.

Whole sale purging of topsoil...


What reminder of how small we are compared to the forces of our planet.

And our planet, which itself, is such tiny insignificant speck...


A moist speck, orbiting a point of light, in a sea of lights.


Stay safe out there speck... you are a loved speck and we want you to keep specking for a good long while brother!

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Its good to have a roof overhead .


Once many moons ago, I was trapped in a flash flood camping alone , a long way from anywhere , for three days  and with food poisoning .  I eventually had to walk out . Not sure how I did that .


Another time , way up river , naked , on mushrooms  .... that was 'fun' .


I'm way too old for those antics nowadays .    ... no more 'flood surfing ' either  (  with  plastic motorcross armour on and a pushbike helmet . :rolleyes: )


... why am I still 'here'   ?

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