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silent thunder

On Truthfulness

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So, I usually phrase this question to parents... but it works for significant others as well.


Operating from the assumption that Lie Detectors actually were capable of reliably detecting falsehoods.


Would you be comfortable hooking yourself up and letting your children, or significan other, ask you whatever they wanted?




I've been a very open book Father and Mate.  While never going out of my way to accent the nasty, gritty or more fubar elements of life for my son... Neither have i sought to shelter him from them either.


He deals with them as I do, as his Mother does, which is as they arise in our lives.  My folks tried hard to keep me from seeing certain things, but children particularly are tuned to the adults precious to them... and what I found was that in trying to shelter me from certain things, they simply denied me full participation in which I could have seen and uncovered what tactics work and which don't, for myself while growing up... thus preparing me for the inevitables when out on my own.


He sees me react and process and then witnesses the result.  He sees it in context and my answers to him about any topic are as forthright as I'm capable of giving.   


I figure, how are we supposed to figure out how to deal with life, if it's constantly being shielded from us?


But on the topic of honesty... and relationships.


I giggle when I think of kids grilling their parents and finding out about their past. 

We love sharing our old stories and he leans in to listen like few other topics can entice a teen age boy.



So... would you let your S.O or kid as you anything... if you  had  to be truthful, or be revealed as hiding?


For me, resounding fuck yes!  Let's get that truth out here where we can all get a good strong wiff of it. :D

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My ex used to tell me I could be a little less honest, as if this was actually an option for me. And I used to tell him, if he didn't want to know he shouldn't ask.



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