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Hello there


Im taoxingzhi, young adult from from northern europe glad to have found this site.


I first got introduced into taoism through as i recall it, Samurai Jack. It was a cartoon I used to watch before going to school, it had fighting and the samurai theme was edgy for a kid. In one episode, moreover, i remember there being a yinyang symbol on an amulet.


Life continued and in my teens i battled through serious existential crises, nihilism, and i can only say that these things will stay with my my whole life. I remember seeing the yinyang symbol once or twice again, but due to my surroundings at the time it was unimaginable to allow such radical thought (compared to where i was then) into my life.


Then, finally, when im at another city during early adulthood i have a particularly bad patch of life and partly because of that i start to gather information from eastern philosophies and religions, whatever you want to call them. Traditions of wisdom, i guess? Taoism seems to resonate with me most strongly, after comparing it to buddhism, confucianism and shinto.


Im really a novice at this all, and scientific or textual knowledge is not why i find taoism so great. Its just a tradition of wisdom that time after time has the tendency to make my life a little bit better, usually it happens through these tiny snippets from daodejing, or work of alan watts, or just reading what someone else has said about it. I can only say that my life is a little bit better because of taoism, im grateful for it and pleased to find a place where people talk about it. Nice to meet you!



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