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Top of The Stairs

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Today I looked up at the top of the stairs. And I asked my self, "Can I reach the top of the stairs? Can I reach the top of the stairs... Can I? ..."


With so much that has been going on down here. All that I have lived. All that has taken place. Every single moment in time and space. Every boundary of time and space that I have surpassed. All that I have co-created. All that I have done. All that I have experienced...


I walked to the top of the stairs. And I looked down... And I said to myself "I am at the top of the stairs. What is life going to bring me now?"


Has live ever ceased to bring you new experiences? Or have you been believing in the same experience, over and over again.


What has really prevented you? And is it still preventing you? Or are you preventing yourself. And how much longer can you really prevent yourself do you think? What if time did not exist. And you could potentially prevent yourself for all eternity. How much longer could you really prevent yourself, do you think? When would you go absolutely mad? And crawl out the door, into the light, and be free forever more. And if god did not respond, would you swim to the ocean. And ask for a sign? And had you not found, would you swim down into the dark to become blind? Do you think there is always hope in the unknown? To explore beyond that which you had ever known?


How can you never know for sure? How can you ever know for sure... Did you look under your bed today to find god there? Well, did you?


I have looked under mine, on your behalf and mine. Have you looked under your bed today? For this god of mine? What... You don't believe in God? 


Oh come on, tell me another good joke! :lol:


Ofcourse you don't believe in God, if you haven't even looked under your bed for it. Ofcourse you don't believe in God, if you have not even looked in the closet for it. How do you know it is not there? What if God is there, everytime you close the closet? What if there is a space in your posession, that only contains God, when you do not look into it. Would you not try and make a photo of it, without looking? Would you not try and open the box and look into it through a mirror, without directly looking into the box. Have you ever tried this?


What if you look into the mirror, and God is looking right back at ya? Would you look away? Would you try to make up an excuse to go and leave? Would you say you are not ready to know God? Would you say you have other more important things to do, and that you are not worthy anyway. Would you close the door behind you, and leave God in that mirror, forever alone, in the dark. Trapped into the eternal awe and wonder and bliss of your never ending beautiful gaze that you had left it forever there stunned in your eternal never ending light of conscious recognition that you are real, and you are more than you have ever thought yourself to be.


Do you ever regret not taking the actions in your life that you could have taken. Do you ever think what life could have been for you had you not squandered it away, in so many ways, so many times. Do you think you still have hope. That as long as the desire is there, then the achievement of it can be realised? Do you think God will ever give up on you? Or do you think that God has not the lack of strength nor will, to bend time and space, and envelop you in a trillion of stars. And breath the life of your soul into your beautiful body.


Don't you think that God has set up every event in history to lead to this point in time and space. Don't you know how much fun God is having. You have any idea how certain the plan is set up to be. And how much more there is to come. And that none of it will ever come without you, and that none of it will ever move without you. Don't you know that the entire universe moves with your every movement. And that you are an inseperable extension of all of it.


Or do you feel alone, in an ocean of millions of people, like so many. Not knowing what life is ever really about. Not finding any real purpose. And certainly not one that feels good.


For whenever time ceases to exist, you will know the answer. Where your truth is and your soul. Always holding it steadily for you, offering you it bit by bit, never endingly. Like little bits and pieces of breadcrumbs. Here and there. Your life is at life. Please go left and turn right. Move towards the green. There you can find your life. Oh here it is. Where is the moving life. Wait for the wind. And look up, and see that which the trees reach for. The guiding light that moves all life. And had you not found the squirrell hiding amongst the trees? Have you not seen the frog that leaped underneath the bushes? Are they not shy of you? Where do you think they go when you do not look? What do you think they do when you do not look? What are they hiding from you, most of all? Can you read their minds? What do you think the frog thinks when it looks at you? Don't you think it loves the warmth of your hand? And cherrishes every bit of moment you allow it to be there?


Have you condemmed every bit of life that exists around you? When it is free forevermore from your condemnation? And loves you anyway? Look at your trees. You cut it one way, it grows another. Life is free to be itself. And so are you. When... You allow yourself to be.


Who you really are... 






Wait for it...




WAAAIT FOR IT!!!!! ....




Evermore... Here and now...

Where all of existence is. Where all of time and space is.

Being and becoming evermore here and now.


Do you think it is time to make peace with life?

Even without God? ...Or do you wanna take God with you, into your peaceful life? Let it show you the way. Guide you to the next and the next and the next life. Anything that you can ever want to be, do or have. It is all revolving around you, as infinite possibility and probability. Free for your choosing out of any and all of it. As all of creation resides within you forevermore. And there is nothing that you cannot be, do or have. If only you knew you wanted it. Then you would allow yourself to be free! Free to fly as high as you can possibly want to fly. You would dream big, and achieve it, in a matter of no time. But how do you know you want it? You can only tell by the way you feel as you think about it.


We humans are not complex. We simply like to have fun by being together. If everyone dies from your presence, that is not your fault. And not their fault either. It is a perfect presentation of your immortal nature. That is who you truely are. I would say, let them die. It is not your fault or theirs. Be free to be who you truely are. No matter who you are or where you are. In the end it benefits everyone the most. To simply allow yourself to be who you truely are. It doesn't matter if you believe in a God or Rain Forrest. It is all the same to me. For I do not even exist. Forevermore free, to wait, at the top of my stairs, for you. I write you this, from a place that does not exist.


And it is God. Here waiting for me. To tell you that God exists. And God is real.

"What did you tell me God?! ...OH OK! I hear you now! Ok! .... He wants me to tell you that baseball is real aswell."


I wonder why baseball. Out of all things that could be real. :lol:

God wants you to know that baseball is real aswell.

Baseball is boring if you ask me. I like more fast paced and more action. Like chess... Millions of battles being fought every single second. And every move is the ever surprising result of all of that. And yet so ever seemingly more boring than all of the boredom in the entire universe combined together into one single HUGE BIG BORING MESS OF BULLSHT. ARGH!


*smacks chess table to the floor*


"Uh? Oh, you're still waiting for life to happen? ..." 


Hush hush now darling, you will be dead soon, and with God forevermore.

Come to the grave soon, there is allot we need to discuss.

And by discuss, I mean you are going to listen and I am going to speak endlessly, ofcourse. :D

For my words will not reach your ears. I will forever envelop you with time and space, beyond your wildest dreams and imaginings.


Hold on... Wait for it! .... ... WAIT FOR IT! ....


Evermore here and now. :lol:



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32 minutes ago, Nungali said:


Why have you become silent?


Is it that you are shy of the truth of your being?


Do you think I have ever judged you?


I would sent you a phone today, if you wanted. But who am I to be the Source of you? I am not capable of intervening in your life. Can't you see, that all that you feel is your own doing? And that you could let it go forever, and be free evermore, to be who you truely are? 


Every American, every megaphone, every monday, exists to support all that you want. Begging for someone like you, to come and visit them. Give them a helping hand in destroying their rectangle life. Praise your every accidental announcement of existence. Of your true personhood. And freedom. That they all seek. 


To pray that they might reach you one day. Working yet another day, if only one more day, that they might reach out to you one day. And witness the reality of life that they had left behind so long ago. That is real beyond every sense of the word. So real that it can die one day. And no longer move. Tired and exhausted from all of this hard work. That leads nowhere. Forever moving, to create hope, just one more day. 


Do you know how much changes in one second? How much life goes on in one moment? 


Effortlessly... So free that you cannot even be free-er. To move about aimlessly. Not having a care in the world about what anybody else might think?


Do you think you are free, to be, who you truely are? Cause I do. I think you are free to be who you truely are. 


And you will forevermore be free. 


And you will forever become more free. 


If only you knew this before you die. If only we all knew this before we die. We could be free, forevermore. To be who we truely are. But it doesn't matter you see... Because the truth never changes. It will stay with you forever, reminding you forever, all that you truely already know. You just needed someone to remind you that which you had already known forever. Because you already are of it and it is of you. You can never become less than all that you truely are. So be free! Free to be who you truely are!


I have never existed in the way you think I am. You have to let go of me, in order to understand who I truely am. So please do the same with yourself. KNOW THYSELF. And let go, to be free, to be all that you truely are. Life is short, and you know it. 


It cannot be wasted one moment living lie. You cannot ever hide from your truth. You will become it evermore here and now. So make peace with the greatest truth you can possibly imagine yourself to be. And let life show you how much more infinitely better it truely is and can be for you, evermore. 


Be free to be who you truely are. And never look back. Never. Your road and journey ahead is long my friend... It is eternal in becoming. There is never a time to rest. If you let go, you will fall forevermore. Because you cannot go anywhere, have you not known this already.


You will be here and now forever. 

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