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Beyond war

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There is a man who shot the human target that is in front of him. As soon as he hit his target, he didn't look forward, but instantly behind him, with a great deal of concern for all the bullets that were flying backwards, from behind, forwards, in front of him.


He continued to march forward, because what is behind him is a great dangerous powerful stream of aggression. Like a volcanic smoke of fire, expanding forwards. He shot the people in front of him to make way for the inevitable expansion of that which is coming from behind. There is nothing back there. And those who shot at him from in front of him, was of absolute zero concern to him. It was like a small tiny speck of resistance, in comparison to the immense danger that lies behind.


As he finds the peace of his advance and refuge from the fires that are behind. He rests. Alone. In war torn battlefield of decay. Scouring for resources he might find in between mud of fallen soldiers. So that he can continue to advance towards his peace of mind and freedom of soul's desire. To continue to march forward into the clarity of rain and peace of empty land that lies ahead.


As he advances, he finds a light in the distances and is afraid of the fire that emmits the light. There is human life there, and he seeks to head north beyond it. The way is small and the fire is broad and stretched out. Like walls of resistance, that have no clue as to what is yet to come. He basically crawls in the mud in between the settlements to make way forwards beyond it. 


Sometimes an unknowing soldier patrol passes him by as he covers himself in mudd to conceal his location. Breathing through a broken pipe he found a day ago.


Eventually he made it out to the clear forrest and open lands, and further yet, the daunting civilization of blissful ignorance. He simply went through the most dense forrest he could find. To conceal his identity. Yet unwilling to let go of his arms of fire. Not yet.


As he made his way through the dense forrest, he hid from any human life he could possibly find. Avoiding all the pathways of human life. The path that was most difficult to tread forward was his peace of mind and freedom of soul's desire.


He eventually came to a place of great desolation, mountains of unfulfilled life. The greatest peace of his eternal journey towards the peace he seeks to find forever more. He came to love this place so much that he had a divine relationship with every lizzard or bird he came to observe. Often tormented by the need to consume them for food. But greatly appreciating the co-creation that he was in with the pure land he found himself upon.


He found many teachers on the top of mountains. Sometimes spread by years of travel, from one another. Yet he came to recognize the immense wisdom in all of them and the immense similarity of the messages he had received from their example of being and the life they had come to allow themselves to become. That this was a land of peace and that war would never make it's way here. Which confirmed his desire for the peace he was seeking.


He began to look upwards towards the heavens for many a night. In the refuges of the mountain highs he found that taught him a new way of life and being and living. Sometimes a divine event began and it awe struck him as every single settlement always knew exactly when these were going to take place, and had always somehow find a way for preparation towards these great events of the high heavens that opened a great deal of revelation to the small communities that lived on these mountain tops


It was a time of great joy and celebration as the masters always sat in meditative circles. To bring forth the new light and new understanding and new perspective that guided them to their eternal being and becoming evermore here and now. Evermore joyously and evermore freely and at peace evermore here and now.


There were times of great misery whenever he thought of the past and eventually let go completely and simply never thought about it anymore ever again. And his peace kept becoming greater and greater and greater and greater and more consistent and more consistent and greater in joy and love and freedom in the eternal rest he had found here. To simply be himself. To simply be what he truely already was being and becoming evermore here and now. He let go of words and speech and thought entirely. As most beings here did not communicate by speech. But simple knowing. Unrelenting knowing. Relentness understanding and compassion. Powerful focus, disciplined minds of great joy. 


He wanted to become a monk and a master himself and practiced every day with great eagerness and joy. To mimmick the living example of those around him. Which have come here to the eternal refuge of the most high. By going deeper into the greatest depths of their consciousness. Towards their evermore greater allowed co-realisation.


He found a state of mind of tremendous peacefulness and clarity and ever replenishing awareness, so consistently that he no longer required to sleep, like the rest of the humans that lived here aswell in this conscious dream that was of life.


He knew that one day he would return to the land of the "living", to fulfill a great purpose. But with great ease and almost inevitable succes. That he coulden't even fail if he tried or avoid his destiny, no matter how painful it might appear to be. He had found that he already contained this inner knowing in the depth of his soul, all of his life and even before his life and it would continue to be allowed be and become evermore here and now, even after his life.


He dreamed many conscious dreams and came to co-create so much joy and guidance to the beings he thought he had left completely behind. Only to discover, that by doing so, he actually gained a true understanding of what and why all of it exists in the first place. And his knowing was so clear, that he simply could not resist to explore his unwavering knowing throughout any and all conditions of life experience that were not of him. To come to know all the trauma and suffering from such a state of pure unconditional unwavering indestructable evermore being and becoming love. Irresistable succes and freedom of such great ease and joy and playfulness.


He felt like the eternal child of the most high, free to be do or have anything he truely wanted, being revealed to him evermore being and becoming evermore here and now. And he knew why he was born in what appeared to be a great turmoil. Which was but the result of the slightest most minute of misunderstandings, that in comparison to the massive ever expanding well-being that was always at the back of that which he knew not only he was, but all being and becoming was being and becoming all of it evermore here and now, and so the misunderstandings were simply playful variations of human thought forms, from his point of view that was of  such tremendous clarity and knowingness. That it was inevitable. And that everyone and everything would one day find out the ever expanding innocence of all being and becoming evermore here and now. The purity and inevitability of the greater allowed realisation.


And he was free to play his part in helping everyone and anyone he so wished or desired to be brought into the realisation of their true nature being and becoming evermore here and now. And he did not even search but they came to him through the natural evolution of his every word thought deed or action and life conditions being and becoming evermore here and now. It is like he lived the ever evolving joyful playful play of resonances and harmonics that are of all higher consciousness' fractaling evermore perfectly into all being and becoming evermore here and now, for ever greater allowed realisation and expansion of consciousnessness into the moreness of being and becoming evermore here and now.


He never tried to do anything, but somehow someway always managed to perfectly achieve everything, leaving nothing undone evermore here and now, in full co-creative harmony and alignment with the ever expanding source of all creation.


His life became a conscious dream of tremendous co-creation and co-realisation. And he felt great appreciation for the steady improvement of every single new here and now moment of existance always perfectly being and becoming evermore here and now. That he nor anyone would ever run out of things to joyfully do and be and become evermore here and now. To fulfill his life purpose evermore here and now, to and through any and all things being and becoming evermore here and now as he was so allowing of all of it to be realised evermore naturally and effortlessly evermore being and becoming evermore here and now. 


He knew that war was not an eternal thing and so temporary that he would one day have to say goodbye to it. With a joyful and compassionate recognition of the value that it has all been and will be allowed to be and become evermore here and now. Through any and all beings and throughout any and all becomings evermore naturally and effortlessly and joyfully and freely here and now.


He became a keen observer of the amazing story that is of humanity and its inevitable evolution into evermore greater allowed realisation towards all the improvement that has been realised throughout any and all conditional and valuable contrasting life experiences of tremendous ever expanding variety based on a stable foundational core stream of well-being that is at the basis of all of existence. And the perfection through which it expands evermore into greater heights of allowed realisation of being and becoming evermore here and now.


As he found himself one day feeling down and heavy in a hostel room in the midst of village farms. He longed to return to his original place of tremendous freedom and joy and peace. He questioned himself why he returned here in complete forgetfulness of all that he was being and becoming evermore here and now. And simply meditated to find his eternal refuge of clarity and purity of mind and body and soul. And he came to know all of his conditions again from a higher point of view, now living a full conscious joyous life of being and becoming evermore here and now. In full harmony and alignment with the ever expanding source of all creation, at his back, there was nothing he could not be do or have. As he was joyfully being and becoming evermore here and now, throughout any and all of his conditional life experiences, that it seemed as tho he was existing here to the degree that people would be capable of allowing themselves to recognize him. And so those who did recognize him were always those who were caught off-guard, by his pure nature of being.


And they would eventually live the reflection he offered them of their own true nature of being, and so he could co-create evermore with them. By allowing them to fulfill their own destiny of ever expading joyously allowed being and becoming evermore here and now, through the absolute path of least resistance that is of their evermore joyous endeavours of allowed co-creation and co-realisation, throughout any and all conditional life experiences of all the tremendous variety and ever expanding valuable uniqueness of all the individual personal beings that were coming to him for their evermore greater self allowed realisation.


No one knew him, because he seemed to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time. He seemed to come and dissapear with the great ease. But most of all, he always blended in the most weird humorous and unexpected ways one could so imagine. That his very presence and even appearance exuded the very answers that all the beings of any given environment were calling for. As the ever evolving, never ending stream of answers upon ever expanding greater allowed heights of greater allowed realisations and deliberate conscious co-creations of great joys and greater joys and freedoms evermore being and becoming evermore here and now.


He had lived so many lifes of service, that he only appeared as animals at some point, to help people let go of their fear of death, and their need for words to communicate with their own greater allowed realisation of their own ever expanding knowing of their own ever expanding greater allowed realisation of their own ever expanding greater non-physical consciousness. He became like an inter dimensional time traveler that bridged many a great deal of realities of time and space. Effortlessly moving in between, knowing always exactly what he needed to know when he needed to know it, to always be at the right place at the right time, always doing to exact thing that needed to be done. With such a great deal of ease, that it seemed like he was no longer a physical being.


Those who tried to follow him could never get past the barrier of their own misunderstandings and simply gave up with tremendous awe of evermore greater allowed realisation for themselves. And never cared anymore what any human offered in terms of thought forms or words. As they themselves also became more unconditional beings pure awareness and ever expanding consciousness. Of evermore greater allowed realisation and knowing. Throughout any and all conditions, being and becoming evermore here and now, always regardless of any and all conditions, simply joyfully moving towards the evermore greater allowed realisation of evermore greater allowed co-creations of joyous being and becoming evermore here and now.


Unconditional love is to all, from all, for all, as all, with all and for one and as one and with one, through all and one and one and all. Being and becoming evermore here and now as all was being and becoming evermore awakeningly and evermore refreshingly and replenishingly and naturally and effortlessly being and becoming evermore here and now. As words were no longer necessary for the teaching but the allowance through the knowing of the self allowed allowance to be do or have anything anyone so wishes to know and to be do or have or so want to be do or have, as they are already being and becoming the evermoreness of all of it evermore here and now, throughout any and all conditions, under any and all conditions, regardless of any and all conditions, evermore unconditionally and lovingly being and becoming as and of all that they truely are being and becoming evermore here and now.


And the journey never ends, so joy is to all as joy is to one. Being and becoming evermore here and now. Effortlessly and naturally. And freely.

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11 minutes ago, Everything said:



I see you and don't misunderstand you. Just as i know you see things too.

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