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What meditation technique(s) do you use?

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Since there are practitioners from many different traditions here, can you briefly explain your method(s)?


Are you into energy work?

Follow the breath?

Practice Tai chi or some movement form?

Witness stuff happening?

Walking meditation?

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Lately I've been playing with the 5 Senses stuff... 

Noticing what sounds I hear, and then losing myself in that.

Or if I feel wind blowing on me, I will focus on that feeling, let it bring me back to the moment.


I've never been a fan of noticing the breath, but I like noticing the senses.



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I have 3 primary practices that have now melded with each other. 


  • Taijiquan and daogong (Daoist meditations)
  • abiding as awareness which includes 
    • Meditation on the different states (waking, dreaming and deep sleep) of awareness and the background thereof 
    • meditation on the five sheaths (koshas) and the awareness that underlies them
    • meditation on subject-object discernment and the underlying awareness as the pure subject
    • meditation on sentience-insentience discernment and the underlying sentience/awareness thereof 
  • Merging with deities

Taijiquan and daogong work on approaching awareness from the energetic (life force and spirit) perspective. 

The ‘abiding as awareness’ and the sub-methods thereof work directly with the mind and recognizing the underlying awareness as the self nature. 


Merging with deities helps with handling the vicissitudes of life and with self surrender (Bhakti). 


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I usually do breath observation, often seated in siddhasana (I'm training for padmasana). It has been from the beginning my main meditation practice, the easiest (as of less stressful) and the one that gave me my first spiritual results. I still do it, experimenting with feeling parts of the body at the same time as the breath, or with the new sensations I am getting through asana, pranayama and my whole "observe quietly everything" approach.

I am now also taking it less seriously (or more seriously depending on the point of view :) ), away from the "I must sit and focus and not be distracted and breath for x time" to simply doing it when I can to relax, refresh, never forcing, always observing simply what's there.


My familiarity with this now allows me to get in meditative states while walking (awesome to do walking in the woods), on public transportation, whenever I feel like it.


I have done mantra meditation for some time, but while great for clearing the mind and focusing, and probably doing a fair energy cleansing, I find it limited in its reach and more suitable as a preliminary or grounding practice. Its has a great advantage in being foolproof, so great to do when you are troubled and not sure to be in the state for other practice.


Observing a fixed point at a distance is also nice, but I need to be out in the country to do it.

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Consistent placing, re-placing and holding of my attention and awareness on any consistent aspect of any consistently present object of awareness of my own free choosing. Object of awareness can be sight, touch, feeling, hearing, smelling, tasting, etc. External is ok, and also internal, self imagened/conjured. 


For the purpose of releasing all thought, quieting the mind, which is easy to do in this way, and thus always applicable.


The greater deeper more specific purpose is, to release all resistant, self contradictory, energetic thought patterns of discord and disharmony. For in doing so, your true nature is effortlessly allowed to come forth again. Because if you don't think a thought that blocks it from being realised by you, it simply will. Always, Automatically. For it is ALL THAT YOU TRUELY ARE BEING AND BECOMING IN EVERMORE GREATER ALLOWED FREEDOM AND JOY. 


Cannot really explain your true nature, except point at what may help you recognize the experience by defining it as your evermore greater fully allowed and realised being and becoming of your evermore greater allowed and realised joy, freedom, love, knowledge, appreciation, empowerment. That is actually who you truely are. 


This joy or bliss is an accurate indication of allowed harmonic blending and alignment of energies of the physical being and their greater non-physical soul or consciousness energetic being of pure positive energy. That naturally comes forth and is allowed to happen when one meditates consistently, and allows it to happen by recognizing the joy and allowing it, and distracting and meditate when you feel you are activating self contradictory perspectives which lessen your consciousness and alignment with your greater consciousness and thus feel worse emotionally.

So when you simply wanna feel better or be more fully consciously aware of your own true self or greater non-physical consciousness and all of its greater knowing that it has for you ever More. You just gotta allow yourself to feel better, by letting go of all thought, then your good feeling nature naturally comes forth again. And the greater knowing comes with that allowing of your greater nature to come forth. 


That is the most universal tool and technique and permission slip to allow your true nature. Of all that you truely are. As in full joy or bliss or freedom. Every other technique is a different variation that may only work for specific people only in specific situations, varrying degrees of alignment or misalignment. But this general simple approach is easy, universal to all people in any and all conditions, but does require consistent application to allow the benefit, tho even small application can have immense benefit of energy motional relief, and shift the core of foundation through which you define and allow your greater realisation of all conditions and circumstances in ones life. 


So lets say, someone goes to gym and feels better. They basically used that as an excuse to be more fully all that they truely are. Meditation is not any different. You don't need to meditate to be who you truely are. You do it for BEING WHO YOU TRUELY ARE. That feels great. So if you can simply live in joy, you don't really need to meditate. If you can't well, meditation can work wonders for you. 


You are meditating for the purpose of feeling better, energy motionally, emotionally. And as you feel better, emotionally, relief into slightly better feeling, ongoingly, eventually you will be feeling absolute bliss. Then, THEN you can translate your greater knowing, for the benefit of yourself, and all of creation. As full allowed understanding, as full evermore greater allowed realisation of being and becoming in evermore greater allowed freedom and joy. 


But it has to be allowed, consistently, always more fully here and now, allowed realisation of your own evermore greater being and becoming, of freedom and joy. And meditation helps with the allowing part by distracting from all thoughts of resistant, which then simply are let go of. 


And again, feeling better, is also allowing it more fully. You don't gotta snap your finger and feel joy all of the sudden. Let it come incrementally. Subtle at first, like when you meditate on a mantra, you feel relief from all negative emotion, then simply continue to allow yourself to feel better and better.

It's a subtle emotional journey, the better you allow, the more fully you feeo all those good feelings of who you truely are being and becoming evermore.


Just meditate regularly and consistently and you got a golden ticket to your own soul. And your personal ever evolving relationship with the Source of All Creation, in evermore expanding allowed realisations of joy and freedom. You gotta allow that emotionally, energy motionally, good feeling. Unconditionally, meaning, regardless of any and all conditions. You just care about how you feel, so much, that you are willing to feel good unconditionally, as that is who you are suppose to be. Why? BECAUSE YOU ALREADY ARE IT, OTHERWISE YOU WOULDEN'T WANNA BE IT. 


You always got acces to your joy, and your soul, and your greater knowing, and your evermore greater being and becoming evermore greater allowed realisations of your evermore greater allowed freedom and love and joy and knowingness, and appreciation of all evermore greater being and becoming, and empowerment of being, doing or having whatever you want. Just gotta find a way to let it rise back up to the surface of your awareness and consciousness, as it is trying to do so, always, more fully here and now, if you will but allow it, by stop holding on to all those thoughts which don't allow it. So as a daoist saying, you do nothing and you leave nothing undone. That is why that feels so joyous. It is not the power that defines the power. It is the ease of that power, that defines the true nature of its power. What is the greatest power? Your true nature. It does nothing, and leaves nothing undone. That is why you feel so joyous! When you allow yourself to realise this as who you truely are, because you always already are it, as your true nature always being and becoming here and now. But you can temporarily block it from being realised by you, by holding on to all those things which have got nothing to do with who you truely are, which are not compatible with your true nature, because they feel worse. They don't feel good, energy motionally, not compatible, emotionally. Because you can apply this joy to anything. If you learn to allow it to be realised by you, then you can always allow it to be more fully realised by you, in all the ways that you can or want do so evermore so freely and joyously. 


So again more simply, you can focus on OOOOOOoooooooowwwwwwwmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... 

Joy... Focus on it, and go deeper into it. Allow it to flow more fully through you, because it is who you truely are. 


Joy. Oh joy. I can kinda feel it. Im beginning to feel it.

Relax,let go and allow. 






So you train yourself into your unconditional nature, as a consciousness, focusing through your ability to feel energy in motion. As unconditional, pure positive energy, to flow more fully through you. And as you do, it will benefit everything in your life. As it is the energy of your own soul, which is like the breath of the Source of All Creation, as even your physical being is the breath of your own soul. So what you are basically doing is getting your life back on track, to all that it is you truely are being and becoming in evermore greater allowed freedom and joy. 



And you still feel that joy. If not then continue to focus on the mantra, and let go of all thought, then feel, if its not there, just continue focusing on the mantra with the intention of feeling your greater nature. It first comes as a feeling, and then, the more consistently you feel it, the more fully are capable of feeling it and the feeling expands.



And as the feeling expands, you will feel physical sensations like good feeling goose bums over your back neck and chest and shoulders. 



And you simply are immersed in the thought, so you stop blocking your true good feeling nature and now you can effortlessly allow it to come forth again into full blown realisation of a feeling at firs, that if you allow it to flow more fully through you, you will feel better ongoingly, and it will literally expand tye degree of how good it feels and then into thought and then into full blown realisation of pure positige energy aligned thought of infinite intelligence and eternal wisdom of your very own unconditional pure positive energy greater non-physical consciousness and soul being ... And as you keep holding on to the good feeling, and keep focusing deeper into it, you allow it more fully, you will eventually begin to receive inspired thought. Your perception will harmonize and blend with the perspective of your own soul, and you can potentially perceive your world through the eyes of Source, as you trust this good feeling will take care of everything for you, it will bring everything back into perfect harmonic convergence again and allowed alignment and evermore greater realisation of evermore greater freedom, love and joy again. 


So you say Oooooooooooohhmmmmmmmm and you focus on the sound fully and relax and let go and allow yourself to simply naturally effortlessly automatically feel better. And since it's automatic, you gotta open the door and allow it, by focusing on the sound COMPLETELY, and relax your awareness into it completely. By holding your awareness there consistently and focusing your awareness on your experience of the sound. 


Loooooong consistent focused awareness. Replacing back on the experience of the sound you are conjuring internally or externally... 




The sound doesn't matter, it's just to help you let go of all thought, by diving your awareness more fully into it. And letting go and allowing thus your true nature to come forth, as you step back this way

It's just for the purpose of letting go of all thought. Because that is easy, and in doing so, you let go of all resistant thought aswell. And then your true nature is so much more easily capable of being more fully realised by you.

The longer and more consistently you do it, replace your awareness more fully and consistently on your object of awareness or focus, the deeper your mind will go, and let go and allow, and thus the deeper your mind relaxes and releases all thought. And the deeper you release all thought, the deeper you release all thoughts of resistance. And the deeper you release all thoughts of resistance, the more effortless and easy it will be for you to feel the true satisfaction of your own true nature of evermore being and becoming in your evermore greater allowed realisation of all that you are truely being and becoming evermore in evermore greater allowed freedom of joy of your own evermore greater allowed realisation of all that you truely are being and becoming evermore.

Of all that you truely are being and becoming evermore. Of your evermore greater allowed realisations of all the good feeling nature of all that you truely are being and becoming evermore. 


So just this little bit of practice will benefit tremendously. But remember, the more often you meditate, to more fully allow yourself to feel that joy of all that it is who it is and what it is you truely are being and becoming evermore.

Things will happen in your life that will blow your mind away. Just relax, and know that it is normal, and you deserve it, infact it is who you truely are and are always ment to be, have always ment to be. 


Now you gotta remember, don't hold on to the conditions, because you allowed them into full realisation. Don't then turn the tables around and say those conditions are more important than your ability to feel good unconditionally. Because KNOW YOU CREATED THOSE CONDITIONS, THROUGH YOUR UNCONDITIONALLY JOYOUS NATURE. Through your ability to allow your greater allowed realisation of all that you truely are being and becoming evermore. And you can always allow that again, no matter what. 


So once you meditate, and experience the true ease and ease of your true power and true self, and your true worthiness, that doesn't mean you're done. Now you gotta take the step of allowing it more consistently, more often, more fully, simply for the purpose of enjoying being all that you truely are being and becoming evermore. And again this is so easy, so never freak out if you feel bad, it is literally a meditation away.

You can only create the temporary experience of discomfort of not being all that you truely can be. Temporarily, by subscribing to energetic thought forms of resistance, which flow your consciousness in a way to lessen your own consciousness, so remember you can simply always let go of all of that, by a simple meditation, as they don't have any true power to them, as you aligned thoughts of joy has true alignment of being and becoming evermore in full alignment with all that you truely are as an extension of the Source of All Creation, in evermore expanding freedom and joy.

So all else is completely 100% irrelevant. So you simply let go again and allow your greater nature to come forth more fully again. And you already know how, cause you already did it once so you can do it again. As I already said. Focus on anything to release all thought, and allow your greater nature to come forth again. 


So our consciousness we allow it to open like that. And sometimes we accidentally shut it down again, because of fear. That's what fear is simply indicating, that you are flowing your own energy in contradiction to itself. So whenever you feel negative emotion, LOVE IT. Why? Because it tells accurately what you are doing with your own energy. You are focusing on all the things which are not all that you truely are, you are focusing your awareness on things which lessen your consciousness. So you let go of all thought again, by meditating and then allow again. Naturally and effortlessly. All the effort is simply put into the letting go of thought, focusing, on the object of attention, diving your awareness deep into it, as that will naturally quiet your mind, and then ad you come back out again, you are free from all thought, and now you can focus on allowing your true nature to come forth more fully again. 


So you experience the sound 


You are now completely experiencing nothing but the sound alone. 


And relaxing your minds awareness completely into it. 

And can you already feel the joy? I have been doing this often, so I can feel it already. It literally is 10 seconds away for me, always. But believe me, 20 minutes is also worth it. Especially if you realise that everything anyone has ever wanted, is because they thought they would feel better in the having of it. 


You can replace the word joy, by good feeling emotion, or satisfaction, or allowed harmonic blending of physical and non-physical. Or the physical translation of the communication you receive from your soul. 


You always receive this joy, only when you find a way to allow it, do you feel it as it truely is the pure positive energy of who you truely are. As all that you truely are. Of a perfect allowed of perfect blend of physical and non-physical in perfect harmony with one another. And then you simply live by it. And the rest, it will all be taking care of. You simply trust your true unconditional nature of joy, and then your life will show you, all the rest. Whatever you want to know, you allow yourself to receive the answer through joy. 


The more consistently you focus on it, and thereby more fully allow yourself to feel it. The more you will become of likeness to who you truely are being and becoming evermore, and thus the more you can realise it. And the more you realise it the more you can realise it, from within and without. This joy is the path of least resistance to who you truely are being and becoming evermore. And it's something you always have the ability to allow it more fully into your life, as your unconditionally worthy nature of all that you truely are being and becoming evermore. You always have unconditional allowed acces to it. And when you know that, you will simply allow yourself to feel joy, help meditation help you let go and relax and allow your unconditionally better feeling nature to come forth ever so much more fully. So if you're not feeling so good, remember, it's just a meditation away. Of letting go, relaxing and allowing. And focusing your mind, to help with the relaxing, letting go and allowing part.


This will allow everything in your life to become perfect, and better evermore. Effortlessly. Naturally. 

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