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Road Trip

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Took a little holiday  ( from the big holiday  :D )   in the swish car . Its been running like a dream .  I am nearly as far down the coast  south wards ( before it turns west ) .  Toady I will move on to Eden .  At the moment I am in Tathra . Small coastal village , got a beach cabin and now I am sitting up in bed watching the sun about to come up over  the ocean ... from bed !  Ahhhh .     The sound of waves all night .


The trip to Sydney was as usual, I done that many times, but then I  got through and went along my old motorcycle route ;  'Natio' and 'down the coast road' ' ;





VROOOM !   ... go Rover  ...


No, not one of these




:D     ... a ' 75'  ;





I noticed something a bit funny about the town I arrived in yesterday  ; the caravan park and accommodation is very full for the 'off season' . parts f the town seem to be 'missing'. even in the main street  - a lot of empty ground with construction fences. Then I went to the 'Bowlo'  (lawn bowls club) for dinner  and there was  picture with  ; 'Visit Tahra and help us get on our feet again after the fire ."    Fire ?   So  when I got home I looked it up on internet .  Now I remember ! Last year a huge bush fire isolated the town and drove the residents on to the beach .









Anyway . Off to Eden .... where   Aboriginal people  used to use '' trained' killer whales to bring them food   :)


( using a dance on the shore, with a fire behind them to show their silhouette  to the whale, the dance was supposed to depict an injured  and/or old hunter that was having difficulty hunting and feeding himself . The whales would see it and drive fish to the shore . ),_New_South_Wales



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Well, Eden wasn't  much like Eden   :(   , thats my turn around point. I called in to visit one of the old students of Mr Nishihira, and he had just got out of hospital with a chest infection , and was trying to do hard physical work, he didnt look well, so no training  - bummer .


Yesterday the wind got stronger and stronger and colder . It does that here sometimes coming up from the Southern Ocean, chilled by Antarctica, and crossing south east Australia , winter is here .  I got off the road, just as well, on the news it said  wind so strong a truck blew off the road and caused big accident .  Its supposed to be clearing today  - good.


Next phase -  up the Kangaroo Valley, for some reason I never been there before , and up to the Central Highlands  .










Better drive carefully, there is a lot of these guys around that area






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That was some freaky road driving to the top of that cliff !





Then I cruised around southern highland and came back down to the coast via  Macquarie  Pass, and even freakier road , but I used to that one from my old biker days ;








Some 15 kph corners with a solid rock cliff face  made for motor cycles !   :)   ... but buses and trucks  ?




Urrrgh !





Whoopsa !


Anyways ... more zooming and eventually I came to a great little valley, nice rainforest, best accommodation yet in a nice little wood and stone cabin with lots of windows ... and the best food and the best bed and pillows yet !


Ahhhhh .... home !     :)


MIn a few weeks - mid winter I am going north ........  and jumping in





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