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Written by awaken
Translated to English by Edwin










When doing moving practices we are observing the body, during stillness practices we are observing our feelings and sensations, while also observing our mind and consciousness. Only by continually observing these 3 aspects can we observe the dhammas and understand what is meant by no self.
If we carry a strong sense of self during practice, it will create obstacles which would obscure our mindfulness of mind and consciousness. Thus, the practice of service to others is to allow one to let go of one’s self.
Cultivation isn’t just training the body or training the Qi, but also learning to look at one’s own self, look at the preconceived notions of one’s self. Letting go of preconceived notions of what the self is, letting go of the concept of “I”. Of utmost importance is Forbearance.
When one feels insulted, threatened, this is an opportunity to look at one’s self. Can one let go of the feeling, can one look at his own mind and see what feel threatened and insulted, who feel feels threatened and insulted. In doing so, one then makes progress, gradually developing an attitude of “I don’t mind”.
Cultivation also isn’t about having abilities and then becoming a master. With such an attitude, it is hard to go far if at all.
A beginner usually is able to see himself easily, but as he progresses, he might hit a bottleneck. At this point he is unable to see himself but can only see that he is better than others. At this point, it becomes even more important that he practices this clear non-judgemental seeing, seeing himself, seeing through himself and then letting go of himself. For all ideas of the self are but a mental construct, they are but pointers to the true self.

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Yes, just like we sleep, in order to unconsciously let go of our resistance to our own greater nature. We meditate, in order to allow ourselves to awaken more fully more consciously to our own greater nature.


The true indicator of alignment, that is beyond the conception of the mind, is our emotional ability to feel energy in motion. that indicates our in the moment, energetic state of being in resistance to our greater nature of all that is who it is and what it is we truely are (feeling worse), or our degree of allowing ourselves to be more in alignment with who it is and what it is we truely are, in our everstate of becoming (feel better).


And often when we meditate, and let go of thoughts of discord to our own greater nature, which is already always attempting to flow more fully through us, we feel this releasing of resistance as emotional, energy motional relief. And our greater non-physical consciousness is simply allowed to naturally and effortlessly flow more fully through us, in that moment, as we feel that emotional relief, which is indicating a releasing of a thought of resistance to our own greater nature.


And then when we simply enjoy our good feeling emotions, we allow ourselves to stay in alignment with our own greater nature, more of the time. And then life will simply reflect that back to us. Effortlessly, naturally.

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