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THE SIMPLE WAY: A Daoist Response to Life

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That's the title of a new book by Scott Bradley. Scott is an excellent communicator who has been writing on the Zhuangzi for many, many years. I greatly value his insights, even though I don't entirely agree with aspects of his interpretation. He has a website called Zhuangzi: A site for discussion of the philosophy of Zhuangzi and its applicability in today's world.  


About himself he writes: "Scott Bradley has long been a student of religion and philosophy. Among his corporeal wanderings was a15-year circumnavigation aboard his 32’ sail boat. His spin on the philosophy of Zhuangzi comes after many years of engagement with Zhuangzi, his contemporaries, antecedents and historical interpreters."




About the Book


This book presents a personal non-religious philosophy of life inspired by the 4th Century BCE Daoist philosopher Zhuangzi (Chuang Tzu). In the face of our irremediable not-knowing Zhuangzi suggests we abandon all supposedly definitive declarations of Truth and instead follow along with the trustful elan of life itself. This can lead to the deeply mystical experience of releasing oneself in trust into the Mystery that enfolds all things. Identified with Mystery, "hiding the world in the world", one is freed from all fear of loss. When life and death are taken as forming a single string, we can affirm our death just as we affirm our life. When no event or circumstance can happen outside the Great Happening our happiness depends on nothing and we can "wander far and unfettered" through life.


If you feel the need for a guru, make one up. Who knows your needs better than your own heart? The author has written many sages and Xudanzi, the sage presented in these lectures, is but the latest. A dao (path) is made by walking it, and we all walk our own. Xudanzi's dao is only meant to inspire; your own authentic dao arises as you walk it.


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