Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

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7 hours ago, EFreethought said:

About a decade ago, I repeated this (mentally) while meditating. I was unemployed, and after a few weeks of NMRK, I got a job. Coincidence? Perhaps.....


I am also on the mailing list for Sanskrit Mantras, run by Thomas Ashley-Farrand's widow. She said that NMRK is good for clearing the 2nd chakra, but it not a good all-purpose mantra.




I'm on the same mailing list...and I see people asking about NMRK often. It helps with my anxiety at times, though I find after a certain point of development as a cultivator, it has more of a self-affirmation kind of nature of one's own Buddhahood and life reflects that. In laymen's terms, it reminds you of who you are, especially how you're not your unemployment or entire IKEA catalogue. This to me translates to your own ability to recreate your circumstances with your individual ability to get that job when you're not broadcasting that you deserve less. 

To clarify: if I forget my Buddha nature, I also send the message to the universe that I don’t deserve good things and reject anything offered. When I remember it, I open the door to anything that comes my way even if I’m not asking for it, and often it’s good. The mantra isn’t drawing anything to me. It reminds me that I can do it already.

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