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Native American Quote

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Without being too 'new age,' hopefully I might offer and share another belief system.


From 'Walking on the Wind' by Michael Garrett [ISBN: 1-879181-49-5]


p. 96-97


"The challenge, then, is to achieve a greater range of perspective in the moment. This is what some refer to as wisdom. It is never the energies themselves that are the source of our problems but, rather, our understanding and use of these energies. ... 'Don't ever try to be what you're not, but don't ever let anyone else tell you what you are either.' ... life is meant to be lived, and every experience is to be experienced fully as a gift. Everything happens with a purpose. ... Therefore, there is no real right or wrong way to do things, in that one may learn something no matter how things are done. ... Rather than understanding the situation as a limitation, one could be helped to see an opportunity." 

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