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The Ego : Fragmented Self

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This is very important.


Human beings have voices inside their head, the understanding of what this means is not well understood and in general either being lost in the voices or killing the voices is what is understood.   
But I think we must vastly improve this situation.



When we say "oh that's the ego", it blames it on someone else.   But what if ego is just ... when we are being fake.   Perhaps we have been taught to think and feel in a fake way, perhaps we don't even remember who we are.

Well calling it fakeness indicates to us that we need to change and become Real, rather than blaming it on something called "ego".


Conscious Subconscious Bridge

Part of the cause of the voices in the head is that it is a conversation between the animal self (ancient, sound and subconscious) and the new mind (recent, unstable, semi-conscious).   

You have an animal-mind and a conscious-mind that are speaking together.   
One way to see this is if you have some old moans in your head, you can "stand inside your mind" and say ... "look, it's not like that at all" ... i.e. you can speak to yourself using reason.   This is the conscious mind speaking to the subconscious animal.

This bridge needs to be vastly improved, details of which I don't have right now.


Fragmented Self

We are all traumatised upon entry into this world and the mind shatters into many voices in the head.

It's not just one voice, or one inner critic, it is many voices.

You can work with them to understand them and heal them, they have reasons for existing and they can be healed directly and spoken to.

Internal Family Systems is an absolutely excellent way to understand it, here is a video.
The originator is Richard Schwartz (has youtube series) and there is a great book by Bonnie Weiss (Self-Therapy).
Once you see the explanations it might clear up what is occurring in the head.



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