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Devotion and Worship may be something you secretly dispise or are attracted to.


It can be for some a sign of giving up on autonomy and or willful self journeying and isolation from mass hysteria and lazy followership.


But it has nothing to do with these things - though all elements of human frailty may be found as is true everywhere.


In abiding wakefulness grace is ever present - gratitude pours forth to nothing - it is not in devotion - it is the light 


But Devotion simply dawns - it dawns as one sheds the ebbing rude coarseness that stood solid on so many willful grounds of insanity and ignorance.


In the beautiful stillness - the boundless Presence - the magnificence and majesty - Devotion is camaraderie with the highest light.

It is attending a dance with Angels.


IN NOTHING great transcendence radiates within - one cannot but be in devotion. It is not a choice or a falling or failing - it is the twilight of all holding - the touch of one finger to the hand of Divine Essence in Living Light.


Love unbounded - unbinding



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Very beautiful!


I have an interesting relationship with devotion.

Too often, there is a subtle questioning there - not so much a doubt but self-judgement.

Disappointing to say I'm still good at that.

Swimming in muck, forgetting it's perfect.

And in the right space, as you say, devotion is inevitable.

It's both a fuel and an expression.

It is simply what I am - uncanny how consistent the experience.

The space opens and is filled with it, overflowing.


I appreciate you sharing so freely.



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equanimity expanding


along with Devotion - communion with the highest aspects of Presence.


And a newfound revival in reverence with Divine Beings and Celestial Beings.





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