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Selling Qi Gong courses by Peter Ragnar

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I am selling two courses by Peter Ragnar
1) Good Morning - Good Evening Qi Gong With Tristan Truscott
   Digital format.
   Got it directly from Sensei Tristan`s website.
   Have proof of that. If  you so desire I can show you a screenshot of the email confirming me investing in the course.
2) Magnetic QI Gong 
   Digital Format.
   Tossed away the dvds many moons ago.
   No Magnets/Chi balls.
3)  Art and science of Physical Invisibility ( Extremely Rare)
     Digital Format. I got the DVD many many years ago when it was still available and I removed the "fluffy" bits. So there is only the practical information.           Do not have the book.
I will throw in as a bonus "Energy Expansion Series" (6 Videos) by Tristan Truscott. 
If you are interested in buying multiple materials I will give you a discount. 
If interested I also have the following books / courses / materials by Peter Ragnar
A) Unveiled Myth of Self Mastery (rare)
B) Amazing Science of Look. Scanned. Pdf format. Will not part with the physical book. Was signed by Mr Ragnar himself.
D) 21 Questions Interview series with Peter Ragnar
E) Secrets of Money Magic (6 Discs)
F) How long do you choose to live and your word is ur manifestation
G) Build muscle  on Raw Food Diet (ebook)
H) Good Luck generator Subliminal CD
i) Moonlight does not wet the water
Many Blessings

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