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Invocation methods and tools

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'Tricks' .  The mind loves tricks , so we 'trick the mind' .  Its one of the two main ways of meditation (keeping the mind fixed on what the will requires) . But trick may not be the right word.


One way is to meditate 'on nothing'  or one thing. This is hard for many minds, so we set up an environment where, what can distract us, brings us back to our central theme .  Eg.


If the invocation is  of Venus, the temple (or surrounds) are all in the 'field' of Venus. There is the invocation itself, which keeps the 'mind/mouth' busy. If the eyes wander there may be a statue or image of Venus on the altar, the incense should be of Venus, any music should be 'Venusian', the tools used , for Venus. Any colours, jewels, etc. of Venus, and so on.


Sometimes when learning a ritual, cards, script or images might be posted at each quarter ( for remembrance and transition from using a  written script ) .


Generally the mind must also be persuaded . It needs to function in its right hierarchy; mind should NOT be 'running the show' , it is however a valuable tool.


 'Ether' - 'Spirit' .

Fire - Will

Water - feelings, emotions, psychological drives, the unconscious, etc.

Air - mind and intellect, reason , etc.

Earth - Physical body .


With most of us, we function like this factory ; the owner is away, so is the manager . The foreman is in a panic, trying to do his job and direct everyone and run the office, take orders, do the books etc. Dont try to stop him, he will get uppity, even rebellious. What is needed is the psychological equivalent of the  owner and manager getting their act together and turning up and  persuading the foreman (mind) that, although they are very valuable and things can not run without them, now, they can return to their rightful place and function properly  ( well done ! we cant do without you mind !  ;) )  .


So, keeping the elemental hierarchy in order will help  :  'Spirit' ( another complex rave, for now I will call it 'the origin' )  brings in a 'concept', fire / will implements it in the system, water  'feelings' see how it sits there , we might even run it through our unconscious  ( 'sleep on it' ) , air / mind analyses it and decides if it is viable, and how best to achieve it, and lastly earth / physical body manifests it  (otherwise it was just a 'pipe dream' ).


Trouble is most of us have a confused concept of spirit, suppressed or  misdirected will and  unruly or damaged emotions and psychological drives, so the mind is thrust to the forefront .


Anywayz, enough for now ..... where you able to maintain your focus through all of this ?      :D  















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