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  1. Looking for different methods of invocation. Mainly tips and tricks to keep the attention focused for longer periods of time.
  2. Kudulini through fasting

    Songstan. Its inevitable. Youll lose muscle i can bench 215 and leg press 600 i work out often. Im gonna lose some of it. Ive heald on to belly fat so i can fast. I dont wanna jump on the boat at 5% body fat.
  3. Kudulini through fasting

    Old chi. Kin chee is crack after a fast. Kim chee and sauerkrout.
  4. Kudulini through fasting

  5. Kudulini through fasting

    Im jumping the gun here a bit. I have not read all the post. But what i found is 3 days of fasting is exactly the same as 30. It doesnt change. I have plenty of bf. I weigh 220. And it is fasting i dont wanna jeprdize my health at all. When i went 40 days i waa calling experts(stanley bass). To make sure i was safe.
  6. Kudulini through fasting

    Is kudalini practice through prolong fasting such as 30 days a good idea or would that be to stressfull in the kidneys. I have done numberous 30 day fast trying to balance my body. Ive even done 40 days with no sweat. Im a very energetic faster. When im in a fast sitting still is hard for me. I shop i clean i do crafts build survival kits i sweep i mop paint ect. The only thing i cant do while fasting is things like swing a hammer for long periods without muscle fatigue. Is this approach to finding chukra balance a good way or should i ease off and do something like a juice fast ? in your opinions whats a good dietary option.
  7. pretty much what the topic says... What night is to be considered the full moon if it happens at noon pdt?
  8. What night is the night of the full moon if the moon becomes full in your timezone at 12 midday?? The full moon happens at noon on the 14th in my time zone... So what night would be considered the full moon?
  9. does smoking increase or decrease chi flow

    Thanks and I know smoking is bad..... Tonight I'm going to attempt to quit... Im going to have to muscle it.... the withdrawls are going to be a son of a trucker.... good vibes please and thank you...
  10. Remote viewing...

    sorry im posting via phone which makes navagation a little tricky...
  11. Remote viewing...

    I've heard a lot of great stories of people sucessfully being able to do this.. But what kind of mental state is requred to sucessfully pull it off..... Do I just focus on an objects and write things down as things come to mind.... I've never had any sucess with it..... is my mind just too noisy? Briefe me a bit...
  12. What is wrong with me?

    I like irish music.... Makes my brain dance... My favorite is davids jig.....
  13. Grrr another topic where i couldnt find a proper place to post..... Anyways im a smokker trying to quit.... Ive done it befoore several time but i always seem to pick it back up.... Anyways i walked into my yoga class smelling like an ashtray and my yoga teacher cornered me and said we need to work on your smoking.... She was very friendly about it and we had a short talk about how she used to smoke..... She said that smoking will decrease your chi..... I started thinking about it during our workout and thought to myself..... Smoking increases adranaline flow and thats why you get a cheap high from it..... It spikes your adrenaline flow...... So my question is does a cigarette oncrease chi flow or congest it...... Not that its a habbit i wanna keep.......
  14. Controlling sexual desire