Does anyone have any hip flexor exercises?

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I was a serial squatter back in the day, including the 5x5 program for some years. But I'm now little old me, spending more time on the martial arts etc. I'll have a go again on some of thesd exercises as my back hasn't ever been this bad. It just seems counter-productive to do weights when I have tight back muscles but maybe I'm thinking from the complete wrong angle?


Yeah I've done the Bill Starr 5x5 program and many others. I liked the squat every day and smolov jr, but for me the best program for strength gain was Wendler's 5/3/1. I never liked the 5 rep range for some reason but I really enjoyed the triples and higher reps for the puuump. But probably like you, after many years of grinding myself down, I've had to change my training around. 


(As an aside, I wish my older wiser self could've told my younger self chasing strength gains would be counter productive in the long run. But then again, would my younger self have listened..... probably not! :)


For me being inactive stiffens my back up straight away. So now I still lift but nowhere near 1rm or even 3's. I usually stay at the 10+ range. I've scrapped a few exercises as well. I mainly stick to


Front squat - let's me get deep in the hole, straight lower back with no rounding. Feels good


Trap bar deadlift - guarantees no back rounding when fatigued 


Power clean

Snatch grip dl from deficit - awesome 

Lunges - kb mainly

Leg press - minimal lower back strain

Leg extensions 

Bulgarian deadlift for hammies 

Leg curls

Kb swings

Hill sprints


The main thing I've incorporated though is mobility work. This has been really good for just feeling nimble and without pain.  Part of it has been movement stuff which is super trendy on the interwebs right now. Check out Ido Portal, MovNat and Vahva fitness for really good movement training.  And good 'ol stretching has a big impact. Tight hammies will definitely cause a sore lower back. 


Play around with it, see what fits. Stay in the upper rep ranges, concentrate on form and time under tension. And keep moving. Basic hument movement, get down low and crawl. Vahva fitness animal movement is awesome. 

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