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General introduction

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Hey guys!


Since the first post felt more like a scammer/spammer/robot screening,

I'll use this thread as a more indepth introduction, as in fact the introductory welcome hinted at.


What brought me here was several things, one I dusted off one of my B. K. Frantzis books.
Two I had already found a new forum for one of my other hobbies.

Three my search engine bumped this site to the top when I searched for Nei gung Taoist forum.

(Or something to that effect)


I'm pushing myself through a very indepth psychic exercise at the moment,

and I've noticed that one of the results is much more endurance and staying power in term of doing tasks on my todo-list.

Hence I've started to add lost causes and hobbies that I just didn't have the spare energy for.

One of them was Nei-gung, another is Ba-Gua.

(Though I often struggle to fit Ba-Gua into the day, I may be at the limit of my newfound staying power)


I've kept up the Tai-Chi more or less most of the time, but at a limited level only.

I reasoned that at least I would have some of the health benefits if I stuck with it for a little while each morning.

I first learned it back in 2000 and though I havn't practiced continually for that time, the dryspells havn't been too long.

Especially not for the last 5 years.


The fourth reason I came on here is that I have what I could only call severe blockages on my left side.

Whenever I try to relax to do the water disolving thing, my left side shakes like crazy.

It have two main centers, one around the left armpit, and one deep in my left buttcheek.

Although the leg seems to have a secondary center on the inside of the thigh.

Hence both my left arm and leg trash about alot if I try to relax and "feel chi".


I've done experiements, and if I let either the arm or the butt do what they want,

the muscle that is responsible for the trashing will actually tense into more or less a knot.

Holding itself tensed until it becomes quite uncomfortable and tiring in only that muscle.

When I let it go, by paradoxically not deeply relaxing, the muscle stops tensing immediately.


When I do Tai-Chi it is a little different, there can sometimes be trashing, but when I go into relaxed mode there,

the limb in question, especially the arm, becomes tense and almost like ice.

In fact in Tai-Chi it is mostly the leg that trashes.

It is as if I have to fight to get through the movements.

But only if I try to "feel chi", if I just do the movements, I feel nothing and everything is seemingly okay.


Western approach:

My doctor calls it, Musculoskeletal pain and is always quick to mention painkillers and the like if I bring it up.

A fysiotherapist suggested that my nerve might be pinched in the shoulder and suggested I stretch the nerve itself.

I did that for a while, but life threw me a curveball and I stopped and more or less forgot the excercises.

The issue in my shoulder long had a center in an old inflamed knot on the back of my shoulder,

just below and left of the neck, if that makes sense, I think that part is still a knot, but I havn't felt much there lately.

Not that, that has to mean anything, maybe just the other knots take all my attention.

Also I had sciatica in my left leg a while, but I more or less fixed it with a yoga excercise after my doctor shrugged his

shoulders, and mumbled something about getting excersise and offering painkillers.

I don't use that doctor anymore, I've on my second doctor after him now,

at least this one is pragmatic and has a will to do something about stuff.

But, I've long since lost faith in the medical community in terms of these issues

and the general doctor is just for stuff I know such doctors can handle,

like testing my blood and other well documented medical issues that has a straightforward solution known to everyone.


Yeah, so I hope by participating here, that I might discover some answers to this issue,

and hopefully freeing up some more staying power to go reboot my circlewalking and such.


Yeah so that is me and my agenda in a nutshell.

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I'll treat this thread as a sort of mini-journal on what happens in my Nei-Gung and such, now in the beginning.

After writing that mini statement about where I felt I was at in my practice,

the experience of Nei-Gung was very different today, I still had a lot of trashing, but equally in both legs.

I was pretty much syncronous, there was small tendencies to the old trashing still, but they where small.


This leads me to believe that some of the blockages where of a psychological nature,

maybe from feeling isolated in my practice, not really having any likeminded people to share it with,

and hence feeling judged in all setting where I had to bring up the health issues that was implicit in the blockage.


In other words, the blockage was made up in great part of having to endure others intolerance towards my art.

Makes perfect sense that this should be an issue, now maybe it will come back in some form,

maybe this was just a fluke, who knows...

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18 minutes ago, Integrated said:

Sounds nice, thank you! :D

I'm headed to bed now; I'll send you a link in the morning. 

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