Influencing others through the third eye (Ajna plexus)

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Barron Du Potet, has given an exercise for this. Here it is: How to recharge the cervical plexus (forehead). 
Place yourselves in a cross-legged position in front of a mirror (A wardrobe mirror would be excellent). You will have drawn beforehand a red point by the exact spot on which the image of the cervical plexus falls. Whilst your eyes are shut, and your whole body is relaxed, breathe slowly and deeply. Open your eyes. Look at the red point which symbolizes the cervical plexus. Let a feeling of emptiness pervade your head. Imagine a source of energy surging within the solar plexus. Two threads spread out from there: One of them follows the spinal column inwardly, whereas the other moves frontally under the thorax, the throat and the face. The said two imaginary threads reach an immaterial point by the cervical plexus. Mentally cover this “itinerary” more than once, for a two minutes’ period, by climbing up from the front. During such time, keep on staring at the red point. By the stage when you eventually close your eyes, you must imagine yourselves seeing the red point as if from within, the way you would have done had your eyes been located in the cerebellum (the nape). As this part of the exercise is more tiring, do not exceed ten seconds the first times you implement it. After you have repeated it a few times, you will carry it out more capably. Once that subsequent level is reached, you will perceive the point of the cervical plexus with greater intensity. Shortly thereafter you will feel a sensation of heat once more, whereupon you will have to feel that you have managed to accumulate such a strength that, should you wish, the like of a laser beam might flash out from you. The recharging session should not last more than three or four minutes. 

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