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From a PM I got permission to post here -


Hey Aletheia,


just wanted to share that I also very much like and value Drew's work, even though I don't understand all of it every time. I sense much truth in his work and words.


I wanted to ask you what exercise did help you the most on your path, using Drew's ideas? Was it moving yin and yang? If so, for how long did you practice it to get to your results?

At the moment I am not yet able to do full lotus




Okay I'll just write down some topics to help me remember -- breathing, horse stance, fasting, moving of yin and yang, orbit, non-dualism/music theory, emotions.


Okay this is my interpretation of drew's work and although I don't remember what daily routine I was doing at the time, I was doing something similar when the heavenly orbit opened for me with a kundalini awakening.


There's nothing too complicated there I don't think, it just takes putting it together and really getting a feel for what you're doing.






So first, this is the breathing technique -



Breathing all the way down to and with the perineum is key for getting the governing channel open. If you're not doing it correctly then the heavenly orbit won't open up. It only need be really slight, like 1% of the whole bodily breath so you don't need to be totally conscious of the perineum, it just needs to be involved with the breathing. Both during standing and seated and ultimately all day long too.


Similarly the tongue has to be placed at the roof of the mouth all day long and certainly during seated and standing practise.




Horse Stance:


Horse stance recodes the body getting it ready for the qi flows -



Right so I would do that first thing in the morning after waking up followed by 5 rounds of wim hof breathing -- 30 deep breaths then max hold on the EXHALE (see youtbe for correct methodology etc). Plus do something similar or the same whenever you think about sex too. BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO BE MIND AND BODY CELIBATE.


Now see what drew says about doing max hold horse stance followed by wim hof breathing because I think he does them at the same time and perhaps for good reason.






I personally fast all day and then eat in the evenings. Fasting activates the vagus nerve and the vagus nerve from the perspective of the material plane plays a big role in spiritual experiences.




Moving of Yin and Yang:


Moving of Yin and Yang is key as an incarnation of the logos -- a dynamic of unification of the many as the one -



I would do the whole routine once a day to help get the channels open and the qi moving, and add extra moving of yin and yang by itself throughout the day where you can and end with the tapping routine she does at the end of the video. Not sure when the best time to do the practice. Other than it's useful to do before bed in fairly deep horse stance.


Just follow along with the programme. It's like riding a bike, it gets easier through time. The longer you spend doing Moving of yin and Yang the better. It gathers the qi, unblocks the channels and gets the qi moving.


You can picture energy going out of the palms while you keep them on the central channel.






drew recommends the first Chia book plus the SFQ heavenly orbit DVD.


For the small universe or microcosmic orbit guidance you can read Mantak Chia's first book which focuses on microcosmic orbit -- for free --


For the advanced levels of the small universe/microcosmic orbit practice then read this book




Non-dualism/music theory


The music theory for now can be substituted by a form of non-dualism which gets you beyond thinking in linear sequence and abstract representation. Some type of dream work should help, I just remembered this from when I was thinking about time years ago now. Protention and retention, however, Husserl believed in the western subject but still -






There's more to Taoist emotions then I personally understand. But one thing that could be helpful is to realise that pretty much all contemporary institutions are sick so the closer you get to them and the more serious you take them, then the sicker you will be!


I'll try and tidy things up a little later. Hopefully that's helpful for people!


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