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Wu Ming Jen

The method of Gong and modern application of skill

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In order to succeed to subdue the enemy in one move, you must practice every day. In one year you can achieve a foundation, in two years a small accomplishment, in 3-5 years a great accomplishment. During a stay in the temple, one has the opportunity to learn the practice method and requirements to achieve one of those true Gong Fu skills. The practice can be later taken back to one’s home country for further development.

Some types of Gong need to be practiced at childhood. It is extremely laborious hard work. Gong Fu is the practice of your own supernatural and extraordinary abilities. Higher Gong Fu already surpasses the Gong Fu category as it is the practice of Qi and of special energetic fields, which does not come from jumping or bouncing around, but from the gain of sitting meditation and stillness cultivation.

In the past times, without fire arms, only people who had Gong Fu could protect their own lives, their families’ lives and family belongings.

Nowadays society is peaceful and calm and laws are firm, so our study of Gong Fu is for removing illnesses, for a strong body and healthy physique, to entertain and perform for the masses and to help others. In the end after successful refinement of your Gong Fu you must not compete for supremacy with others and you should not be fond of winning or injuring others.

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