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50 hours and counting....

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" ........   then , I looked over to the side of the fire and saw  the  shining  thing .  It was shining like the sun , but it was like hard water that you could see the clouds , the trees and yourself in ,  in this hard water, the light was from the fire that was in it .  It was an amazing thing and I wanted to have it to put it in the centre of my head dress .. no one has a head dress like that .... if I could get this thing and put it in my head dress, I would ba top man .  

"  So I decided to take it . I moved a bit towards it when the others were not looking and then, with my foot  slowly pushed some leaves over it . I moved closer so I was sitting next to it and put my hand down to touch it .   I  dint know if it would kill me or not if I touched it,  but I did anyway. I hid it in my hand and then got up and went into the bushes.   I looked at it, it was cold and sharp but you could see the fire dancing in it. The next day, I attached it to the centre of my head dress .    Yes I was top man, but then I saw other men had made head dresses from these treasures the white people had bought with them  *  ....  "


( New Guinea tribesman  describing a coffee tin lid   dis guarded by a campfire  ) 









New Guinea  ' steam roller' for flattening an airfield  @ 3.10






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