Kunlun Rediscovered?

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Well, I've been very interested in auras lately, since my third eye is opening and I can see people and scenes, even with my eyes closed! I was talking to a very pretty lady about auras and what the colors mean :) and it made me start browsing some books I have by Barabara Ann Brennan. I found this and it sure sounds like kunlun to me:


"Vibrating your body means to hold your body in a position of tension that sets up involuntary physical vibrations in the body. This will increase energy flow and release blocks. These exercises are well known in core and bioenergetic therapy.

Stand with your feet parallel and shoulder width apart. After you complete the aura charging exercises given above, stand and again simply breathe out when you go down and in when you go up. Bend your knees as much as you can; let your legs begin to feel tired. If you keep doing this long enough, your legs will begin to physically vibrate in an involuntary way. If they do not, start a vibration by quickly bouncing up and down on your heels. Allow the vibrations to work up into the upper part of your legs and your pelvis. With practice, these vibrations will spread over your whole body. This is a very good way to create a strong energy flow throughout your body. Once you get the feel of it, you can devise exercises to cause any part of your body to vibrate in order to increase the energy flow through that part. In this case, one usually needs the pelvis to vibrate in order to enhance the earthly energies flowing through the first and second chakras. Later, when you are in a healing situation, you can slowly roll your pelvis back and forth (while in a sitting position), then add a little short, fast vibration to the rolling motion. This should help the pelvis vibrate. You will feel the increased energy flow throughout your whole body. "

From "Hands Of Light" - Barbara Ann Brennan



So now I'm thinking that the kunlun increased my energy flow, allowing other practices that I have been doing to come to fruition. Also, I can see that if the kundalini is active, you wouldn't want to increase your energy flow, would you?


Please don't get me wrong. I'm not saying the kunlun is not valid or is a sham. I am trying to understand the principles and science behind it, because a better understanding helps to dispel any fears and myths. I still think kunlun has great value and I'm thankful that it has come accross my path.


Comments anyone?



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Good post.


I think the remarkable thing of Kunlun is that you do not have to make your leggs tired before they start shaking. In my Martial Arts/Standing Qi Gong (holding positions) training it always took me a while, lots of discipline and sweat to activate this shaking. The "letting go" was much harder to "achieve" than with Kunlun. Kunlun is not physically so exhausting and yet extremely effective.


The exercice discribed in your text seems like a Martial Arts/Qi Gong exercice. You make your muscles tired until the natural Qi flow is not restricted by the tensions in the muscles anymore. Later you guide that vibrating force to different locations in the body if desired.


In Kunlun I do not have to make my muscles tired. They start to shake the same way and (at least for me) even more than when I made them tired (like for example one hour of standing mediations).


So for me personally the result is stronger and I have less "effort". In the last years I was used (and from the intense Martial Arts training) to "do" a lot. Kunlun provides me with a source of not "having to do". Just letting it happen. So also it shows me that in my training I focussed too much on the active part.


I think that is what is so powerful and special about Kunlun. you get strong effects with just sitting down and holding the easy position. For someone who was used to overcome the limits of the body in different ways this is like taking a walk. Which doesnt mean that the effect of this walk is shallow. Maye I am just used because of my western mind that "lots of effort" bring "lots of results". And now there is "few effort" and still "lots of results".


This is something I do not understand myselve. Actually I do not desire to understand it either. That is the magic of it. Now that I started Kunlun in all my other practices I can find this force much easier. The acces is easier for me now.


In the end there are more practices with a similar approach to that kind of energy. For example even I am not an Osho follower I respect he made lots of meditations for people that worked good. "Dynamic mediation" or "Kundalini" have also the goal of just following the energy within. The approach again is exhausting (first you have to wildly jump around and so on, go "crazy" until you let go and just follow).

Kenneth Cohen writes in his book about "spontanious Qi Gong". Similar thing. Master Kiew of Malaysia writes about how to activate spontanious movements, too. There is a practice in China I think it is called "wild goose" or something like that. You can see the practicioneers running around in the park like they were insane. Shaking and shouting and much more. At least in China people do not really mind them.


It is nothing new. But it works great!


Hope I could help you a bit.





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