No more nonsense. Looking for a concise, simple, step-by-step, guide to open your chakras and cleanse the meridians

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I second both Sifu Matsuo for energy work, and Pa-Auk Sayadaw / Shaila Catherine recommendations above for Jhanas.


Sifu Matsuo - this is really nice central channel work. User Trunk OTP has some info on him / Dragon Gate in these forums and his private area. If you have a martial arts background you may well love it.


From other sources: I also like the Cobra Breath (example here, use the "Second Cobra Breath technique") too for explicitly bringing chakras into central channel work but not too NewAgey. Kriyas/Pranayama are good anyway for settling down and clearing before the main act. White Skeleton is basic but a nice contrast /balance to all the channel focus. which can feel a little harsh if overdone.


I'll add Leigh Brasington as well and his book Right Concentration for Jhanas. Some more hardcore/traditional teachers say nobody in the modern age can achieve Jhanas. Those of us who have done so tend to disagree. Pretty much everybody seems to agree though that a period in retreat with a competent teacher is necessary to gain some ability with Jhanas, and then they can be accessed in an ongoing 1-2 hours/day practice. Leigh is guest on a recent Deconstructing Yourself podcast, which is worth a listen.

A lot of practices are kind of one or the other - Jhana practices have not much to do with chakras - completely different traditions I guess. In my experience Zhan Zhuang standing can be a bridging practice helping to open channels and develop strong concentration simultaneously, but in any case it's valuable to do QiGong as well as sitting.

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On 1/31/2018 at 3:44 PM, Ryan94 said:

I’m not looking for platitutes or people yelling ‘go find a teacher’. I have read so many posts on this forum, and it is clear to me that there are plenty of people here who have opened their chakras up to their crown or third eye. I’m tired of reading book after book, listening to hour long youtube videos, practicing and feeling nothing, etc. But i won’t waste anymore time on ineffective practices anymore. Life is too short for that.


I’m looking for:


1. Someone to write a step-by-step guide to cleansing the energy channels.


2. Someone to write a step-by-step guide to opening the chakras.


I have the willpower, i have the time to meditate as long as I please. I am sorry if I sound like i’m asking for too much, but i’m fed up with wasting my time now.






What I shall do every day:


1. Wake up when sun rises (varies on the day). Get ready to sleep when the sun sets.

2. No lustful desires throughout the day, no music, no watching tv, no sensual pleasures.

3. Lots of rice, yogurt, eggs, and red meat during the first three weeks to build up qi (jing), and strengthen my lower chakras. Afterwards a strict vegan diet of hot homemade soups.

4. Pranayama first thing after waking up.

5. Begin working out, toning my muscles, stretching and adapting to the lotus position.

6. Relax in the sun as often as possible, whenever it is sunny.

7. Something to open the chakras (please advise).

8. Something to cleanse the energy channels (qigong, pranayama, etc) (please advise).

Contemplate on this “who am I?” in your heart center.

Listen for an answer. When you get nothing back you are on the right track.

ask the question again. Now see where the question arose from. Stay with the feeling.


everytime  a thought arises, ask “who was having this thought?” 

The answer comes back “I was”.

Ask “who am I?” 

And repeat the process above. 

Start doing this for 5-10 mins a day at first, and then slowly extend it until you are doing this all the time.

all your chakras will open and kundalini will rise on its own.


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My two cents since nobody appears mentioned my route.


The list is great which I also followed. The rest I followed was Mantak Chia's Locking techniques and Testicle Breathing.


Then have a soft and loving woman to have sex for a couple hours, refrain from ejaculation. Do it weekly or bi-weekly. Then the jing energy it builds will push through the meridian channels in the back up to brain and pop the third eye open in a few weeks.


Having said so, it is not easy. The most difficult part is not refraining from ejaculation which might seem to be almost impossible for many males, it is to have no expectations during the practice. In other words if practising with the goal in mind, it will not succeed. It can only be achieved when staying at the present without thoughts. Luck for me, I had years of Taiji practising, which gave me the "at the present" thoughtless state while moving. 


As others suggested, relax, let it go and be open is the key. I would just add, if you have access to an understanding wonderful female, sexual or tantric approach is also good too.


Add a few personal experience here. I did this originally not sold on this spiritual path yet, but seeking prolonged enjoyment of sex and benefit of health plus curiosity. Thanks to my Taiji foundation, I did the Mantak Chia practices without expectation and got effects pretty fast. My root chakra area started pulsating, sending trickle of pure energy feels like spring water running up my spine to head, pushing against third eye. My penis rises with the clock or Sun and Moon, strongest in midnight even in sleep. Having good sex without ejaculation is very helpful to focus the energy. Having a loving female who accepts and accommodates like water is even more important because it provides a baseline of tranquillity in daily life and sex. Such females are extremely hard to find. 


This naturally lead to self-inquiry and mainly vegetarian diet. The usual craving for sex is gone too. Overall I would suggest people to follow their instincts, in a safe way, eventually it will lead to the One path that everyone agrees upon.

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On 31.1.2018 at 10:44 PM, Ryan94 said:

7. Something to open the chakras (please advise).

8. Something to cleanse the energy channels (qigong, pranayama, etc) (please advise).

Hey Ryan,

I know exactly how you feel! Spending years and years, hours upon hours of trying different things, yet never getting anywhere.

My experience was exactly the same, many many years of going to courses, reading books, meeting different teachers, meditating and practicing on my own yet not feeling anything nor getting anywhere.

Only with these 3 teachers did I actually start to feel qi:
1) Chunyi Lin, Spring Forest Qigong

2) Zhongxian Wu, https://chinesewisdomtraditions.com/
3) Simplified Kundalini Yoga (SKY for short), by Vethathiri Maharishi (my teacher is Balachandran Ganesan and his wife Jayanthi)

Depending on which country you live in, and of course what you personally vibe with, these three brought me results. Tangible results.

The very first day when I was initiated into SKY, I felt a tangible pulse of energy in my brow chakra. When I meditated on it later that evening, my mind became peaceful, my body became warm and I started sweating. After coming out of the meditation, I was extremely refreshed and energized. 

The next morning when I meditated, it was exactly the same, yet much more powerful. 

It's been the same incredible experience at every single initiation. So, if you're into meditation, SKY is the best I've ever tried. It's been 3 years now, I've had 4 initiations, and it keeps getting better. I meditate daily.

If you're more into qigong and moving exercises, I was at a weekend course with Master Wu (Zhongxian Wu). The first two days I didn't feel much, other than pain in my old injuries and other negative things. However, on the third day, I suddenly felt powerful vibrations in my hands, feet and face. After that day, whenever I practiced the qigong we had learnt, after about 10-20 minutes, I would actually start feeling the qi moving around in my body with the different movements. This trend has continued positively for the past 2 years, where I've practiced qigong every single day.  

WIth Chunyi Lin, I have bought and done up to his "level 3" (I believe he has from level 0 to 5). With Spring Forest Qigong it was the same for all the guided practices and meditations. I would feel the qi vibrating when doing the exercises.

You could check these 3 systems out on youtube, and of course their respective web pages. See if you vibe with any of them, if you're attracted to it, and if their ideas make sense to you. If yes, you could look into giving it a go with one or more of them.

If you do, just make a promise to yourself to stick to the daily practice for at least 49 days before you decide whether it's for you or not. Just to make sure you give the energy enough time to work. Usually you should feel a positive results within the first 7 days. 

If after 49 days, you don't feel anything, go ahead and try something different, and see if that works for you.

I wish you all the best! 

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