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  1. My two cents since nobody appears mentioned my route. The list is great which I also followed. The rest I followed was Mantak Chia's Locking techniques and Testicle Breathing. Then have a soft and loving woman to have sex for a couple hours, refrain from ejaculation. Do it weekly or bi-weekly. Then the jing energy it builds will push through the meridian channels in the back up to brain and pop the third eye open in a few weeks. Having said so, it is not easy. The most difficult part is not refraining from ejaculation which might seem to be almost impossible for many males, it is to have no expectations during the practice. In other words if practising with the goal in mind, it will not succeed. It can only be achieved when staying at the present without thoughts. Luck for me, I had years of Taiji practising, which gave me the "at the present" thoughtless state while moving. As others suggested, relax, let it go and be open is the key. I would just add, if you have access to an understanding wonderful female, sexual or tantric approach is also good too. Add a few personal experience here. I did this originally not sold on this spiritual path yet, but seeking prolonged enjoyment of sex and benefit of health plus curiosity. Thanks to my Taiji foundation, I did the Mantak Chia practices without expectation and got effects pretty fast. My root chakra area started pulsating, sending trickle of pure energy feels like spring water running up my spine to head, pushing against third eye. My penis rises with the clock or Sun and Moon, strongest in midnight even in sleep. Having good sex without ejaculation is very helpful to focus the energy. Having a loving female who accepts and accommodates like water is even more important because it provides a baseline of tranquillity in daily life and sex. Such females are extremely hard to find. This naturally lead to self-inquiry and mainly vegetarian diet. The usual craving for sex is gone too. Overall I would suggest people to follow their instincts, in a safe way, eventually it will lead to the One path that everyone agrees upon.
  2. The Moral Problem

    I come to realize that it is not what you do but what you think. The form does not matter. For example, when a couple decides to separate, the separation will lead to different outcome depending on how they think. If they separate for selfish reasons, then they are against moral, they will suffer and their life will not go well. If they separate to give the other freedom, they are inline with higher moral, they will gain high love. Their life after separation will be good. But it is very hard to get rid of selfishness in the decision making for unawakened. When you achieve it, even momentarily, you get superb clarity in your mind. You see all action will lead to good results as long as you keep your mind clean. My personal experience is things go well as long as my heart is clean. As soon as my selfishness steps in, they mess up.
  3. pre-kundalini (interesting story)

    It sounds like you were freshly coming out of your old restrained state to experience new power in a slightly liberated state. It surely feels great when you experience it for the first time. When time moves on, the freshness wears off, like experiencing anything new. It is also a release of unbalanced energy in your body which feel great for sure like ejaculation. But when unbalanced energy is released, the balanced energy will start to do its work. Kundalini syndrome is clearing out blockages in your body. During and after that, you will gain more power in a very balanced way, like spotless said. When you do not have the power, you want to do things to feel you can do it. When you truly have the power, you do not have the motivation to do it any more.
  4. enlightenment

    Love this one. I guess in the end, I will look at everyone and everything with a stupid grin on my face.
  5. Premature Ejaculation and higher levels of consciousness.

    Interesting. :-) The key is don't focus on the problem. And don't masturbate. When you feel horny, go out to run in nature, run until you are exhausted. Any other physical activity will do too. Then try some practice discussed here. You will figure out a way to channel your sexual energy and frustration. The trick is don't care. Don't care about your performance in bed, don't care about girl, don't want to please them, don't care about the pleasure. When you let them go, you get them all. It is very hard to do then say. But this is where you should go. Talking about transcendence, sexual cultivation is only a small branch that very few people take for a very brief period of time. As soon as you get it right, you will not need it soon. The pleasure is not the goal. The frustration you are going through may turn into the driving force for you future achievements. The pleasure you are imagining now is not what people really experienced or meant. The best thing is what people have not got yet. When you get it, it is just so-so. You can try Mantak Chia's Cultivating Male Sexual Energy.
  6. Book study leading to mastery

    When I switch my mental state to read my writing from common people's perspective, I can see clearly that they will believe I am hopelessly delusional. My attempt to prove I am right to them will make them believe I am beyond hopelessness and I am crazy. :-) They will start acting against me. But I am very clear about what I known and can do. The pattern I see and the thing I am capable of are so real and predictable, on my current level of course. :-) Cultivation increases intelligence. The difference in intelligence is an insurmountable barrier for people on different levels. There is no point in explaining rocket science to a person who still believes Earth is flat. All attempts are futile. Let other people believe what they believe. On a higher level, people on different intelligence levels are equal as long as they are happy with themselves.
  7. Book study leading to mastery

    Thanks Spotless and GrandmasterP. When I realized that I should not try to prove anything, I understand why those masters always deny they have special power, even people have seen them happening. It is the mental state that brings everything. In 1990's in China, there were a few teenagers found with supernatural power, but when they were put into lab to prove it, they failed. Same happened to US an Soviet Union's attempt to use supernatural power to steal classified info from each other. The first couple of attempts succeeded when there were not much expectations for them. When expectations rose, they failed. So the projects were cancelled. In Buddhism and Taoism, it is commonsense that supernatural power can not be abused, otherwise it will lead to mental and even physical damage. I read about people who have third eye open and eventually got blind for many years because he played with it with his friends. It is always said supernatural power is a byproduct that should never be focused on. You know you have it, and that is all. Knowing that we should not try to prove it is not because we are told so or there are negative examples out there, it is because we figure it out ourselves in the process of gaining supernatural power. It only comes when we get rid of the mental motivations to get it and prove it. We also see there is no point in proving it to anyone. If we occasionally want to prove it, it is only a sign of regression that we have to overcome. In the end, we will be able to use it as matter-of-factly like helping short people in supermarket to reach stuff on the top shelf. After all, the so called supernatural power are natural powers that ordinary people have not discovered yet. Edit to add link to Sleeping Prophet by Edgar Cayce
  8. Book study leading to mastery

    Thanks Spotless. This is exactly what I feel. In the past, I felt a lot of walls in my head. By reading books, I see glimpse of light over the wall, then I ponder and see the lights become clearer and closer until I am over the wall. The wall is human emotions like grief, fear and laziness. GrandmasterP is right too. I function mainly on left brain. Like Spotless, I have to see the logic to go into action or get any effects. But interestingly, recently I noticed my right brain starts to get stronger, signified by the increasing strength and dexterity in my left limbs and less obsessed with reasoning. I feel there is something deeper inside me rising that I can not explain through reasons. Intuitions are working like miracles. I can "guess" the physical appearance of a stranger after 20 minutes of talk on phone or online with very high accuracy. But I can not prove it here :-) because trying to prove things is a human emotion that negate the power.
  9. Book study leading to mastery

    You have to look past the words and fancy descriptions. they are baits for minds that only get attracted by fancy stuff. In advanced level, Buddha says everything he said and described do not exist at all. The practice helps you to clear and open your mind only. You still need to understand the scripture to make real progress.
  10. Book study leading to mastery

    My personal experience is YES. Ten years ago, I tried meditation persistently, besides getting some good feelings, I got nothing. As soon as I stop daily meditation, everything went back to what they were. One year ago, I started asking why, then I read a lot of books including Dao De Jing and some Buddhist scriptures. I think deeply. But I rarely meditate, if not never. Now waves after waves of realization hit me. I have got my third eye open, confirmed by an advanced Taoist Alchemy Sifu. I have seen demons. I have my Kundalini going stronger and stronger. Maybe reading and thinking is not for everyone, but it works for me. I have a rather strong science and logical mind. P.S., to avoid misleading people, practice did play a role in my progress. Early last year, after a few months of reading and thinking, I got my Micro Cosmic Orbit opened rather quickly following Mantak Chia's Testical Breathing. After that, the flow of chi and wisdom start to flow stronger and stronger, without doing any practice on regular basis.
  11. I think it is okay to go. It seems to be scary at first. But when you go down, it should turn out to be good. I can sit on the bottom of my subconsciousness after clearing up Dukkha and be fully aware. But when I started, it was scary, but eventually I found my way down. I believe when you can consciously go into your unconsciousness, you can control your physical body. This is probably how the physical healing works. For now I can only consciously go into my subconsciousness to control my emotions or psychology. I can lie without triggering a lie detector. LOL So I might be lying here. LOL
  12. What did meditation do to me? Please read...

    Hi You are right, but we are here to help Under no to go up, but to go down, back to the illusion of duality and Dukkha.
  13. What did meditation do to me? Please read...

    Motivational lectures and Reverse Psychology use emotions to get results. It will not help to bring back emotions. I believe his emotions have already come back. It needs to build itself to be a bigger Pain Body, borrowing Echard Tolle's term here. He just needs a little confirmation to push him a bit further, to let go his anxiety, so that he can step further into life to get more pain. Have you guys realized how much your happiness is based on the suffering of the past? If you are not hungry, can you appreciate the happiness of eating? Under wants his human emotions to come back. All human emotions are based on pain or suffering. This layer of human emotions are what Buddhism is trying to eliminate by giving it all kinds of names. Taoism just says you have look through them.
  14. What did meditation do to me? Please read...

    Congratulations Under, your feeling being abused by someone online is actually your emotion. They are coming back. Because most of human emotions are based on negativity, like hatred, sadness and deprivation, the first to come is always negative. When you have enough negative emotions, happiness will start to grow out of them. Welcome to this world of emotions you have missed, where negative emotions rules. Happiness is just a temporary escape from negative emotions. We are fighting our way out of this junk yard, and you are diving in. Enjoy it! Just don't be surprised to find yourself overwhelmed by all the dark horror. You need them to appreciate the lack of them, which is happiness. Pathetic as it looks, but this is the reality of human world.
  15. mystical poetry thread

    Here is mine: Saint and Wisdom Saints are signposts sticking from gigantic boulder underground. Wisdoms are specks of dirt fallen from ascending boots on the stairway to heaven. The saint you see is not what you believe. The wisdom you believe is not what you hear. The ascending casts a shadow you see as saint, He leaves an echo you hear as wisdom, Until he climbs higher and higher, Out from the top of this world.