The Ocean of Self

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The cusp of all waves.. and higher tides


The pull and attraction of the moon.. 


The soliloquy of thought, mind and matter..


A reflection of life and coventry..


Releasing branches in the air of the tree of life


Burning to ash and cinder can take down all the names of God!


Returning to renewal is the eternal recurrence.


Leaders are born of God.. and a quaint little looking to the sky.. 


Which represents the high life.. in peace of mind is the Dragon fire.. which slowly burns as Kundalini.. from which I am released from..


The caving thorn of attack.. el meblo.. et canter creator!


Meleblow eb root cactus.


Met elblow  le baurian..


Met arbelow art ellurian


Met elbow et arctic..


And honest loblong newspaper article about the penchance of life..


Anarchy will reign free until we hold the reigns of Anarchy!


Chains are made for past and future.. but the truth is that choice is what binds to existence.. keep a penchant head and the wheel of fortune will grant you..


Eternal life.. just like an echo!



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