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A ghost story?...hallucination?

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Are you sitting comfortably?


If not, please do so and preferably with a fresh cup of tea and I shall begin.


One of my uncles recently departed this motal coil, partially due to a visitation of Jack Frost and whilst she and another sister were visiting my bereaved aunt she went to the bathroom on the 1st floor for a pee whilst the others talked in the kitchen.


Whilst sitting on the pan she heard footsteps ascending the stairs and assumed my aunt had come up to fetch something. The steps bypassed the bathroom and continued along the landing and away into one of the rooms.


(I think that you've already guessed) Upon returning to the kitchen, imagine her surprise to fing my aunt and other sister where she'd left them and where they'd been all along and there was nobody else in the house!


This is not my ghost story but it reminded me of one of mine when my sister related it this evening.


Mine is daoyin related.


I'll set the scene. Near where I live is a small wood set on the upper banks of a ridge that overlooks the Avon and Stour valleys in the UK and lower part of the ridge is pleasent open meadows...very nice.


Once upon a warm summers day about two years ago I strolled the woods near the meadow boundary and whilst meandering the trees would, as usual, stop for a shibashi session here or an 8 brocades there and a bit of Dr Yang JwingMing motile 5 animals in between or an inner smile in a get the picture.


Anyhow this one especially lovely day I'd just finished up a final 8 brocades and was near the edge of wood over looking the meadow, the stour valley and the distant Malvern hills. Completely relaxed and in the moment and standing in mountain pose which is how I prefer to finish just....enjoying.


Imagine my surprise to see a shadow slowly appear from my left side near to the ground.


But It wasn't a shadow.


Initially I thought it was a badger, being that sort of size, but unlike badgers it had no actual form. It was like a badger sized pancake floating about a foot off the ground and it was black but like a crows feather and as it moved in a semicircle infront of me towards my right I could see that in fact it had many colours, greens, reds, blues and purples but as a whole it appeared black and in its motion moved like a plastic bag in the ocean.


Surpisingly unphased I watched as it it performed its semicircle and then retreated, again in a semicircle back the way it came and made as to go behind me.


Ah but 'the wise old owl turns its head' and thats what I did to keep it in view as it disappeared rearwards.


Imagine my further surprise to see upon 'wise owling' it that it was not alone.


About thirty feet away in the woods and at about eighteen feet high there was amongst the trees a sphere or disk but it was of such a dense darkness that apart from being circular it was hard to tell its 3D shape if it had one. My floaty, badgery frein moved toards this disk and.... that point I decided that discretion was the better part of valour, and still unfearful,  I walked (yes...walked!) to the edge of the wood and into the sunlit meadow and then fled for a while, like a fox with the Wylde hunt on its tail, before turning back to see....nothing.


Please, make of it as you wish and I hope you enjoyed my story but I'll tell you what I was thinking at the moment before this thing appeared.


As I said, I was happy and relaxed and whilst enjoying the view, the scents and the warmth I thought..."this would be a perfect day upon which to die happy" (I didn't mean it, its just a saying...right?...right?)


Sooooo, has anyone else had any odd experiences/hallucinations with taichi/yoga/daoyin/qigong?

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Well, one time I was smoking a joint - if that counts .


Staying at friends place in the city, they both out,  I decided to chill, put on some cruisey music and had a smoke . Drifted off then I imagined (without being really aware of it )  I was talking to this old lady ; a voice goes " Thats nice music, although a little different , and I usually dont like modern music . "  Talked a bit more, about how it was a nice room, and had the afternoon sun coming in filtered through the trees, she said she liked that and often spent time in this room in the afternoon.   Blah blah blah, a nice lady with a calm peaceful vibe.   Then I sorta snapped out of it and thought,  'what the hell am I doing ?  making up conversations in my head . I'm loosing the plot here' .  Went and made some tea .


Then mate comes home " What a bastard it is out there today, traffic everywhere ... havent got a puff have you ? "


"Sure, but watch it, its very strong  , I got off my face before , imagined all sorts of weird stuff " 


"Like what ? "


"I imagined I was talking to this nice old lady in the front  room . " 


He looked at me dumbstruck .... then a little angry  ; " Is this a plan you made with Claire  ( his wife)  to freak me out ?"


Now, he is very sceptical about this sort of stuff, won't have a bar of it actually, his wife is a little more open and curious .   I honestly acted dumb, didnt know what he was on about. He went  off to the back of the house to the kitchen and started some conversation with his wife, it went for a while then she came in " Oh so, you met the 'Old Lady ' , she is lovely isnt she . I have had many a conversation with her. She used to live here  ... of course, Tim never believes me . "  She went on to describe some things that I also felt about the experience.


 I was   :o ...


if they played some trick on me  ... they were good ... but I cant think why they would do that . I know them well, and can read people good. Their reactions seemed genuine .   

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