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  1. Favorite Daoist Quote

    Zhuangzi — 'Flow with whatever may happen, and let your mind be free: Stay centered by accepting whatever you are doing. This is the ultimate.' Its very useful.
  2. Taoist meditation techniques

    Thats not a tecnique I've heard of and I've read a lot and studied quite a few options. Trying it myself, it seems to act like a big unrestricted breath in and a restricted breath out plus messing about with ones neck which one should be very wary of. My dear chap, its my considered belief that you inspired sleep-apnea > sleep paralysis in yourself ( and thus got the very commonly related fearful nightmare experience. She told you the opposite of what I've been told and read which is never, ever restrict the breath except for some very few, particular and quite advanced intances.
  3. Self-massage Qigong

    I utilise it to close my morning daoyin which is ordinary light stretches, squats, sitting and standing 8 brocades/other similar variation, sun salutation, taichi chuan (to get things moving) and then a good whacking and rub-down....20 minutes tops and both cylinders firing. Similar to this (If I miss doing it now, I know about it all day long...sluggish): Daoyin Self-massage Bamboo Massage Brush
  4. I read that he disallowed everything but legalism and actively persecuted other schools of thought but for such a man to go in search of a fabulous mountain seems counter intuitive. I'd guess that the responders to the order would have to be very, very careful.
  5. Are you sitting comfortably? If not, please do so and preferably with a fresh cup of tea and I shall begin. One of my uncles recently departed this motal coil, partially due to a visitation of Jack Frost and whilst she and another sister were visiting my bereaved aunt she went to the bathroom on the 1st floor for a pee whilst the others talked in the kitchen. Whilst sitting on the pan she heard footsteps ascending the stairs and assumed my aunt had come up to fetch something. The steps bypassed the bathroom and continued along the landing and away into one of the rooms. (I think that you've already guessed) Upon returning to the kitchen, imagine her surprise to fing my aunt and other sister where she'd left them and where they'd been all along and there was nobody else in the house! This is not my ghost story but it reminded me of one of mine when my sister related it this evening. Mine is daoyin related. I'll set the scene. Near where I live is a small wood set on the upper banks of a ridge that overlooks the Avon and Stour valleys in the UK and lower part of the ridge is pleasent open meadows...very nice. Once upon a warm summers day about two years ago I strolled the woods near the meadow boundary and whilst meandering the trees would, as usual, stop for a shibashi session here or an 8 brocades there and a bit of Dr Yang JwingMing motile 5 animals in between or an inner smile in a get the picture. Anyhow this one especially lovely day I'd just finished up a final 8 brocades and was near the edge of wood over looking the meadow, the stour valley and the distant Malvern hills. Completely relaxed and in the moment and standing in mountain pose which is how I prefer to finish just....enjoying. Imagine my surprise to see a shadow slowly appear from my left side near to the ground. But It wasn't a shadow. Initially I thought it was a badger, being that sort of size, but unlike badgers it had no actual form. It was like a badger sized pancake floating about a foot off the ground and it was black but like a crows feather and as it moved in a semicircle infront of me towards my right I could see that in fact it had many colours, greens, reds, blues and purples but as a whole it appeared black and in its motion moved like a plastic bag in the ocean. Surpisingly unphased I watched as it it performed its semicircle and then retreated, again in a semicircle back the way it came and made as to go behind me. Ah but 'the wise old owl turns its head' and thats what I did to keep it in view as it disappeared rearwards. Imagine my further surprise to see upon 'wise owling' it that it was not alone. About thirty feet away in the woods and at about eighteen feet high there was amongst the trees a sphere or disk but it was of such a dense darkness that apart from being circular it was hard to tell its 3D shape if it had one. My floaty, badgery frein moved toards this disk and.... that point I decided that discretion was the better part of valour, and still unfearful, I walked (yes...walked!) to the edge of the wood and into the sunlit meadow and then fled for a while, like a fox with the Wylde hunt on its tail, before turning back to see....nothing. Please, make of it as you wish and I hope you enjoyed my story but I'll tell you what I was thinking at the moment before this thing appeared. As I said, I was happy and relaxed and whilst enjoying the view, the scents and the warmth I thought..."this would be a perfect day upon which to die happy" (I didn't mean it, its just a saying...right?...right?) Sooooo, has anyone else had any odd experiences/hallucinations with taichi/yoga/daoyin/qigong?
  6. I found this interesting, DB's probably already has a thread somewhere so apologies for repeating. In other links I read, Qin Shihuang (see also terracotta army) ended up being hoodwinked by a chap who said he'd found the secret but needed a fleet of ships and 6000 virgins in order to succeed in the mission. Long story cut short, the mendacious mariner simply buggered off with the ships, the sailors, presumably the money and was never seen again. My telling is not quite correct. Anyhow, It wasn't what was in the story that interested me most although it was enlightening, it was the absence, apparently, of daoyin or tao references regarding the elixir of life. There are so many tablets, that the reference might be there but uncommented upon. I enjoy reading cultural histories but particularly those relating to other personal interests.
  7. Labels are indeed a point of reference and in social bonding they can be used for either accepting or 'othering' people either into or out your group. It took me a while to work it out and God bless the internet but I always, ever since childhood and as a social defence mechanism, presented (what I fondly imagined to be) a 'blank slate'. Of course, by doing this you invite people to write upon it and that writing tells you about them and its not always pretty poetry. Of course we also have a face and a frame which betrays our blank slate and tells people about who and how we are without any words being exchanged...people were often afraid of me I found out despite I would never do harm, but in retrospect I'd also have been afraid of me. Thus the wisdom of giving them something to work with became apparent but 'they' are not everyone but those who I've read can be considered as 'young souls' who at any earthly age are quite immature and require those 10,000 things we read of. The 'old souls' don't need this stuff and couldn't care less for social selection or its things which could indeed be seen as being stuck-up and aloof but really we're just operating at a different level of consciousness though perhaps not particularly wisely. When the O.P got labelled, I'll bet that there was a pre-existing clique or group that was deciding (unbeknownst to the O.P) upon his/her worthiness of association and that the leader was either threatened by something about the O.P or disgusted and so the dismissive labelling libel...I'll bet myself a glass of Ginger wine. Re: the "No good turn goes unpunished". Its funny 'cos its true. The amount of times I've done what I considered to be a good turn and almost immediately got a slap down from karma or whatever it is. In retrospect though that good turn was often just interfering or whats become known as 'white-knighting' and usually accompanied a bit of pride or subconscious expectation of karma kudos or heaven points which brings us into the highly contentious realm of unseen, unknown supernatural forces...spooky!
  8. Counting our Blessings

    I count my blessings for: ~ My family who are very good sorts. ~ My health which is wobbly but robust. ~ My solitude which used to hurt and irk a bit but knowing that fellow travellers exist it was easier to enjoy. ~ My location in rural central England. ~ My job in a lovely Cotswoldy environment. ~ Clean air. ~ Sid R for being a taichi teacher who held lessons locally. ~ Mother nature. ~ My spirit friends (this is supposition on my part). ~ My real-life friendlies and everyday chat-folk. ~ My enemies. ~ Hardships, without which I'd not appreciate the 'easyships' so much. ~ Reality, which is worth keeping in touch with. ~ Dreams. ~ Food, shelter and warmth. ~ The true teachers who have commited their works to word and video. ~ The fake and mistaken teachers who have done the same and allow us to wiegh-up the difference. ~ Life. ~ The 10,000 things of which I can do without and some of which I enjoy. ~ Love and joy which surprised me upon realising that its nobody elses job but mine. ~ The fragility of it all which allows for a truly grateful, daily counting of the blessings and a heartfelt prayer of thanks to heaven.
  9. Dr Jwing-Ming Yang

    I think so. He has a good knowledge of both oriental and occidental medicine and can make good sense of qigong in relation to both. I'm biased. I'm a big fan and have many of his materials to compliment my teachers teachings. Dr seems honest and knowledgable.
  10. Lonely is a funny word because it depends upon a nuance, an emotional attachment that the user places upon in it. Perhaps 'attachment' is an antonym for lonely which in this respect is used for a sense of detachment/disassociation which is a feeling/state of being and is its own thing, an association projected onto the word by the user like isolated...set apart so would 'together' be an antonym? "what a lovely lonely spot" versus "what a horribly lonely spot" perhaps? I like 'present' as mentioned beforehand. My teacher told me to cultivate presence in playing the forms. German: allein - ‎ perhaps the root of the word. e.g: nur in der alleine Geist ~ the spirit comprehending the universe, the universal spirit uniting everything in itself. In quietening our minds (is there a term for that?) are we not setting ourselves apart from whatever our 'rat-race' is of the moment?...and choosing lonliness in meditation and calming the yin/yang plays (rat-race?) of our own minds? Maybe both rat-race and lonely are exactly the emotions we attach to them...our choice. Re:Leaving the rat race for more cheaper, more graceful living I'm looking for inspiration therein but....lottery tickets!
  11. Hello Daobums and thankyou for a forum with lots of useful info and tips. I'm Ad_B, from the middle of England and I've been studying Taichi,qigong/daoyin/yoga for some 10 years and trying to relate it to modern science and knowledge of biology and such, learning and applying some aspects to my own health and wellbeing with some success and some failure. In this regard, I've come here to leach experiences, thoughts and ideas from others and, if appropriate, offer some of mine such as they are and so thought it would be polite to actually join the forum. I prefer the actual nitty-gritty, lived experience,nuts and bolts reality of stuff and have been playing with some aspects of the above mentioned notably Yang Short-form, Standing-pole, Standing and sitting (and variants) Eight Brocades, Shibashi, Yijinjing and Five Animals play variants and history. I've played all of these with varying levels of skill with two of the intentions (?...I might not get terms and things correct!...please enlighten) being health and wellbeing and with some excellent results both good and sometimes not so good but with an improving situation regarding outlook, health, enjoyment, balance and existential acceptance. I'm trying to just learn and enjoy a few forms and techniques without over-doing it and being consumed/distracted by too much practise and learning and to just refine a little bit of knowledge into a real and helpful lived experience but there are soooo many different and variable things and often nothing gets done properly. Wishing you all a nice cup of tea, Ad. x
  12. faith in humanity

    My two-pence-worth. Probably, everyone born of a helpful and enquiring nature has been there and done (not done) that. Maybe there's a special hall in an after-life filled with disappointed philosophers and frustrated healers-of-the-human-condition. Once upon a time in my youth, I felt an urge to go to church despite not being of that ilk and had never been before. The vicar delivered a sermon on the subject of brutality and since I was evidently the most brutal person there it stung a bit and I really wanted to punch him on the nose. It stung for a long time until I realised that actually, I liked my crapulence and yes, I was brutal despite thinking myself reasonable and balanced. Perhaps people don't want to know and when they do they'll seek and find (when the student is ready to learn a teacher will appear...sort of thing) Re: the above. Please refer to every historical philosopher from the Torah through the Greeks, Romans, every culture at every time...thats what they all say. Is that a bit 'red-flaggy'? The blind leading the blind? Forgive me, I don't know what you know, maybe you know, what do I know? Maybe just be kind. Firstly to oneself and secondly to everyone and everything else. Maybe just be kind for its own sake and not for acclaim or recompense. I don't know. Maybe war is just a 'thing' rather than a 'bad thing' or a 'good thing' but it is a destructive and disruptive thing and a very profitable thing on the supply and finance side. But are there lots of little wars every day that are just normalised and are in fact just a part of being alive? You eat...something day you will be consumed..why worry? Its good to go to woods but watch out for ticks.
  13. Meaning? Old text

    We obviously have various levels of operational thought processes which can be affected by our own environment. But sometimes something kicks-in and over-rides that which we think is 'ours'. Perhaps its similar to the 'Yellow Lady' described by Master Cheng Shih Yuan to Kou Hong, the governess of the ordinary energies and thoughts or the 'Gaurdian Angel/spirit' (in my imperfect understanding/opinion of these things). Once upon a time I'd just started a new job wherein the ganger picked up the workers in the morning and we all drove out to the site. I've always stuck things out at least a week or two even if I knew I didn't like the job and wasn't going to stay (the protestant work ethic is/was strong in this one) but this first morning we were working the first hour and I looked up and saw a bus that I knew was going to my town and all I could hear (but not hear more feel as an urge) was "GET ON THE BUS". I apologised to the ganger, told him it wasn't going to be for me and hailed the bus and went home. The next morning they were all but one killed in a car crash.
  14. Hello.

    I'm Ad and I'd like to introduce myself (self eh?) to this forum. Unfortunately, being neither naturally clever or bright, I had to turn to the experience of others as a guide and emotional cup of tea. After struggling awhile I tried taichi, which worked at a level which must be descibed as quantum or not yet fully understood. This obviously lead the enquiring mind unto Daoyin, TCM study and daoist philosophies which seem a little strange at first but upon consideration and in learning and testing are actually quite sane and usable. Knock Knock. Who’s there? Dao. Dao who? Dao art Nothing ...thats a joke at daoism. I don't get it, but then, I don't get a lot of stuff. I'm quite pleased that my studies have been made in solitude since as I read daoism, it was the art of everythingness and definately not the art of nothingness. How soul destroying nothingness must be and also unscientific. You cannot have nothing, even in a quantum sense, you must have something since even nothing would be something...sort of thing. Balance is what is required IMHO. To learn to balance ones Confucian self and its 10,000 things with ones Tao Te Ching (spiritual and enjoying) self as it were. Anyhow, as a student of little and probably wrong understanding, I've come to have a look at yours...If your is nice, I might show you mine.