Planetary Movement and Ancient Symbols

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Pattern recognition is one of the things we do quite naturally. I see from studies (will try to remember to post some of those another time) that we almost automatically "bundle" things together in our mental images. We actually create things in order to complete patterns or visual information in our brains.


In any case, my pattern recognition brain seems to remember that certain symbols seemed odd, and filed them away as strange zig zag lines, wondering why they were chosen as magical symbols to represent things.

One day I was looking at the trace pattern over time of the planets and stars in the sky, and "bingo", I see some of these same symbols.


So there was a representation of the planet, by tracing the pattern as seen from the Earth's surface, at a given place on the planet.


How many symbols and shapes are either planetary, or atomic, and how did primitive culture find these and put so much significance on them?















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Now given that these are probably methods of alignment with the current time/space continuum. Resonance and sound changes as your perception of time changes, which is the easiest for me to try to relate to or explain. The slight change in sound is very obvious when meditating and since we know that the sound is actually a constant belonging to this time/space/gravity system, a change in perception signals that you are moving into a plus or minus awareness condition.


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