Trouble with Time and Future Vision

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Hello all,


I am going to skip past all the times I have seen the future without someone to corroborate the facts. So, I will be talking of the times I have seen future events, told/warned the parties involved in these events, and then it has happened according to the way I saw it happen. A confirmed, but rather uncontrolled, vision.


The reason for these visions is always unclear. They are rarely something major or important. I can not command them or control them. I am simply a witness. 


What is clear, is that certain things are set to happen, regardless of warnings or ways of trying to stop them, or change them. The future then, is already decided and we are simply carrying out the play like actors on a stage, puppets if you will, of things we have no control over. This is very important to understand. Because if it is true that the future is decided, we actually have no free will, we actually make no real choices, since those have already been decided and determined.


I don't believe, if you understand what I mean. I know it to be a fact. So this is part of how the world "is" for me. I am not speculating or guessing. For things to happen, the way they happen, at the time they happen, all other things have to fall into place. I don't see the butterfly effect, or any way to really change it. Looking at it doesn't change it. Telling people doesn't change it. Trying to intervene is always not successful.


In the sense of making it to heaven or hell, already decided before you were born. Seems rather unfair, doesn't it? 


In the sense of your "karma" and how you are punished, according to your "decisions" or "personal choices", already decided for you. Again, very unfair...


We are puppets in this world view, with no way out, no way to make our own life, or our own decisions. Otherwise, how can visions of the future come true? How can prophecy be real?


A simple example for you:

I woke one morning straight out of a prophecy dream, which is different kind of dream because I am simply a witness to events, and I know they are coming, and not past, without knowing how or why I know this. On this morning, it involved one of the trucks at work. I arrived, made some coffee. The driver showed up, in a hurry, running late. I offered him a cup of coffee and asked if he wanted a bite to eat before heading out, to see if I could change the events. He said no, grabbed his coffee mug, and headed out. I said, you are not going to get very far today. He gave me an annoyed look, having seen my abilities first hand in the past.

I heard the truck start and leave. I started making some eggs, enough for two. Within a few minutes, what I had seen was happening, there comes the truck, lurching and smoking, puff! bang! 

He came into the place, put his coffee down, and sat down. I have him a plate of eggs and smiled. He said, "I hate it when you are right...", and we both laughed.

I had seen and heard the truck breaking down that morning. It is not an important thing, very trivial and very personal to us and the job of the day. So why that? The only outcome is that I am reminded that nothing is chance, everything is already decided. It has all already happened.


Who is driving this? Who is creating the future? Are we pulling our own strings and then living it after we set it up? Is it some other force? Are we confused as to the flow of real time?


Stay fluid


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