Meditation Notes and Science

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The start to meditation is in all literature vague at best, long-winded, and so non-productive that many people bail on it before reaching any positive results except for a nap.

Part of that is the funky descriptions, expectations, and sometimes thinking it is some kind of special condition to be reached or held onto with a mental deathgrip. Looking at this from another point of view, I looked at the practices of SW Native American tribes. From the old Celtic view. From other avenues of relgion and practices. The common ground is very interesting, from prayer to ritual and back again. And it points to some basics that don't require lotus positions or other difficult practices.


We pass through a brain condition daily. It is not a foreign place. It is not something special. Holding it for a period of time longer than the short passage between being awake and being asleep is special, and the point of most practices.

The "charge" point that people pass through while falling asleep appears to be enough to keep life going. One short spark is all it takes. So you would think that falling asleep over and over should increase the storage of energy. Dipping in and out of that state, if you will. Meditation is made even more difficult by special breathing techniques and body positions. Without which, the claims are, you will never make it. I disagree totally. I think that certain methods and techniques help move the mind and expectations into certain directions, but those are not for everyone, and are not the alpha and omega of accomplishing anything. They are simply, one way of many. And pursuit of them should be kept relative to the desire to keep traditions alive, but not held as the only way to reach Nirvana. Making special promises to not do this, or not share that, has become a tragic way of screwing people by many charlatans. But now we can measure them, and no chirp wave means they are full of crap and have no power, and should not be teaching anyone. 


One of the basic ideas is that you have to "store" energy, fill up your center or Dan Tien... 

This can supposedly take years, and if you don't graduate from this or that, you should give up and stop trying. Looking at masters, however, at their mental and emotional condition, whether they smoke, fight, drink, or have some serious moral and ethical issues, it appears that ethics and morals do not seem to matter one bit. Living clean and healthy doesn't seem to matter. They still get sick, they still die. Most of them at least. So accomplishing the things we see on YouTube or read about has nothing to do with how you think and feel, how good or bad a person you are, and probably many of the other things that typical religions try to force you into doing to become a master.


There are forms of standing or sitting that do evoke a more extreme awareness of gravity, lowering your center of gravity is extremely important. More than likely, this is the awareness of the pull of gravity, like feeling sunshine, which is also moving at about the same speed as gravity. And now science can see that gravity also stimulates forms of photons, yet they seem unaware how they got there. 

Breathing is mentioned, as the "force" is contained in the air we breath. When in fact, breathing from the diaphragm actually stimulates the flow of spinal fluid. Anything that hurts the nervous system or causes nerve damage can block the flow. Insulators block the flow. Metals are good and solid conduits that can retain this energy. They are also dense, heavy, gravity attractive. So there is much more behind the scenes that science might still uncover about these practices. And that would make sense to the Western scientific mind, and make it easier to produce feedback equipment and create a means to better measure progress and better help us non-esoterics along the way.


So what do we know about meditation and science? Brainwaves for one. Alphawaves are the basic strong measure when we observe meditation. Rolling your eyes upward and holding it produces almost immediate alpha waves. So add the eye roll to your practices.


To stop yourself from falling asleep, there is a simple technique. Simply hold up one hand. If you become so relaxed that you might drift past the point where you should be, your hand will drop, and this motion can usually catch you before you drift into sleep.


A sign that I have noticed, is the change in sound. Everything suddenly becomes louder, or sometimes an echo is generated. I have not found any science behind this yet.


Of importance is also emotional energy, and interesting wordplay is E-motion. Without it, the energy does not seem to flow or focus.


Also of importance are the visual techniques used by different cultures. The mind is capable of focusing attention on different points of the body, like moving your "attention" to different parts of the body, and visualizing light, expansion, contraction... feeling something tangible. Feeling the energy ball between the hands in Tai Chi is one of these, and after practice it does produce measurable "chirp" waves, which are the same waves detected when science measures gravity. So the assumption is that not only are we becoming more aware of gravity, and the flow of it, we are capable of snatching some form of energy from it, or it is the energy, or the photons are the energy. Regardless, we are capable of manipulating gravity, changing how it interacts with us, and thus producing chirp waves, which in turn stimulate CD34 stem cells, which in turn can heal almost instantaneously. What we can measure, is that the magnetic fields change, the stem cells change, temperatures change, visual sparks fly, people jerk like an electric shock when in contact with it, etc.


So if ever there was a reason to practice meditation and awareness of gravity waves, there it is. Alone the stimulation of CD34 stem cells should be number one on the list. The other list, the one with iron skin, starting fires, defending yourself, may also be variations of these same sciences. Science is coming in fast. 


Please add your own science or experiments that have helped to improve practices, of any kind, since I am very sure the energy is the same, no matter what background or cultural ethnic origin.


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