Gravity and Chirp Wave to Chi Measure

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Greetings fellow citizen scientists, practioners, interested readers,


I watched with great interest when the Nobel prize was awarded because they finally recorded gravity waves, for the first time in history... and they were measured with a chirp wave similar to lightspeed. I have long felt that many practices are bending time/space and with it influencing or using gravity, or the other way around. As I started digging on chi and chirp waves, I found that they see them generated during practices, and during healing, during certain breathing exercises, etc.

So, the chirp wave function example was, out of 35 who claimed to be "healers", only 3 actually produced chirp waves. This could be a very interesting way to see if things are flowing, or if somebody wishes they were a healer. Through further study, I discovered that similar waves are being used in science to stimulate a short burst of CD34 stem cells during such healing practices. This in turn creating an almost instantaneous healing, depending on where the chirp waves were focused, intensity, etc.

While this is happening, there is a 25.75 to 30 degree bend in the magnetic field, but without electrical force. Which simply means that the flow is parallel and not perpendicular to the magnetic field, but bending the field at the same time. A simple array of compasses around anyone practicing should relfect this change in magnetics, and also could be a wonderful device to measure with immediate results, helping to guide proper development and further research.

I have a number of links to studies, if anyone is interested.

Here are my notes:


Magnetic field oscillations were created between 20 - 30 Hz then slowing to 8.9 Hz and creating a chirp that slows further to < 1 Hz, at which point they reverse and increase in frequency. 1 - 8 milliGauss peak-to-peak with a 60 - 120 second duration. Others were measured at 4 - 10 Hz with a peak of 2 - 4 milliGauss (200 - 400 mT).

The normal human body is < 10-negative-6 Gauss. Healers are creating 10-negative-3 Gauss, huge difference!

The description uses sinusoidal waveforms. Thus fluctuating on either side of a neutral space.

The photons increase during this.


Gravity is a chip wave. The earth wobbles through this chirp wave at 23.5 degrees to magnetic pole and 49.5 degrees. Gravity is 35 - 250 Hz.

During measurement, a magnetic compass needle rotated about 30 degrees at chirp wave, more likely the measurement should be more accurately done, suggest a probable 25.75 degrees as more accurate to perpetuate the theory of torus magnetic line directions.

Just the Qigong breathing exercise was enough to change the magnetic field dramatically.

However, there is no change in the electrical current that would correspond to magnetic fluctuations, showing an apparent parallel flow. Here a perpendicular flow would induce a magnetic-electric current.

There have been experiments using a cone-shape to capture and store the energy flow, which has been successful, as well as “charging” a number of non-magnetic objects with energy that can be recalled again later. The cone shape can be seen through history with fingertip covers, hats and crowns, dunce caps, pyramids and other shapes.


The Tai Chi and Qi Gong masters use the exercises to lower gravity, or the center of gravity as the practice more accurately states. So they are learning to “feel” gravity while charging up energy. When this energy flows, they claim it attaches to emotional feelings of well-being or healing directed towards the person to be treated, even the self. Without emotional energy, it does not flow properly.. interesting point!


Now we are seeing that using these waves can also increase stem cells in the person focused on, as well as other chemical interactions. Chirp waves have the ability to heal, or harm. And Chirp Waves are now realized as gravity, and connected to photons, which is probably time as we measure it. We know that time flow is different at ocean level and the top of the tallest mountains, as measured using the atomic clock. It is a fraction of a second, but should tell us the actual speed or change in speed of gravity and time as it reaches from that elevation to the ocean level. NASA and the space team are very aware of the time differences and there have been some interesting experiments about time change in orbit.


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