Reading people's hearts/minds

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Ive noticed that I have the ability to see through people's true intentions and motives. I can't explain how or why.


I don't see people out of fear, judgement or suspicion. I simply see people as they are and I try not to associate anything with them. This clarity allows me to see their insecurities and motives. I've been able to do this as a child. I remember times where I've met people and without asking I knew that they were raped as a child, or that they have parental issues. 


Problem is I don't trust my insight at first sometimes. There's been plenty of moments in my life where I have gotten precognition and I didn't follow it. Leading to more complications (Jeff knows what I'm talking about).


I like to give people a chance. I like to take more time understanding the situation/person more and sometimes that makes things more complicated because I don't see people as "good/bad"


Somehow, someway. Everything takes care of itself. I feel like I have guardian angels that just snatch me out of things...


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