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  1. Gospel of Thomas

    Hebrew Scriptures are esoteric and metaphysical. They deal with spiritual meanings The robe represents your ego or "false self". We are all born naked (truth) and then we pick up and put on attachments (the robe). Do you study tarot? Their system is based on hebrew Kabbalah. One of the suits is the suit of Sword. Swords represent clarity, truth, understanding and communication. Jesus is saying acknowledge your true being and use your sword to express and defend that truth with clarity...
  2. Gospel of Thomas

    But what defines Wordly things? We've spoken on these things many times. But I love a memory refresher
  3. Gospel of Thomas

    The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed. Meaning it is far from what you expect. It is plain and simple.. Once realized it becomes a great plant. This is the connection between HEAVEN and EARTH. Plants and trees are often seen as antennas that connect to the upper and lower worlds. This plant reveals the connection you have with the kingdom of heaven in and outside of you. The birds are our thoughts. Lost in the sky. Looking for refuge. They rest on the tree. Your thoughts are at rest...
  4. Gospel of Thomas

    You can't obtain spiritual rewards with a worldly mindset Those who "try" to get into the kingdom of heaven will fail. This kinda reminds me of the thread I made on Acknowledgement...Trying to obtain spirit through the ego will result in the death of your ego. Death is the only way to ascend. Not a physical death, but a spiritual one. Your works and your deeds will always be null and void and the spiritual world will never be in your reach until you put your flesh to death. The kingdom of heaven is open to those who sit still. They don't work. They don't labor. They don't seek security. They just simply acknowledge...
  5. The importance of Cruelty

    You can't have kindness without cruelty. You can't have cruelty without kindness. They both go hand In hand An enlightened person (imo) doesn't seek to be anything. What is considered good or bad Is a personal experience. So I wouldn't call cruelty a form of enlightenment. But I wouldn't call kindness enlightenment either.. The only true path that leads to enlightenment is a path of awareness and acknowledgement (imo)
  6. Has anyone here achieved super consciousness?

    I would rather have no consciousness than a super one tbh...
  7. Sleep paralysis

    Next time you see a shadowy figure on the other side of your bed just ask for a blowjob.. You might just like it..
  8. The simple, yet superb power of Acknowledgement

    Don't confuse Hebrew scripture with Roman Catholic traditions and ideas such as the trinity and "Christmas"..(Not saying you can't celebrate if you don't want to). These things have plagued and manipulated the meaning of the scriptures for centuries. You have to read these scriptures with open, and detached spiritual eyes. Religion and fear has kept people from understanding that. Soon as they read "judgement" they cringe..
  9. The simple, yet superb power of Acknowledgement

    Yes. It's Mark...thanks AP
  10. The simple, yet superb power of Acknowledgement

    Saying " I AM.." in itself awakens something singular and at the same time absolute. You don't need religion to see this. The phrase/name in itself reveals it. And the Hebrew Scriptures have verses that speak on the importance of his name and how the universe "declares" his name. Such as the book of Psalms Your name defines your nature and character. So when God told Moses his name "I AM", it right then and there signified him/her as everything that is Absolute...Eternal...Pure....True...Whole Jesus in the book of Matthew said "God is One. Thou shalt love him with all of your being". Earlier I spoke that love is acknowledging the true essence of something as it is. To love is to see God. But even if you aren't loving or showing love, that love is still loving and is still alive in you. It just isn't being awakened at that moment.
  11. Sexuality in prehistoric art

    Thought this was chicken for a sec Sorry just trolling...but it's interesting. I wonder if they actually masturbated to this..
  12. The simple, yet superb power of Acknowledgement

    Nothing exists independently. We have free will. But all of it comes from the same source Jesus spoke on this in this book of John. The vine and the branch Everything is 100 percent from God and is God. No fragments..
  13. Sleep paralysis

    Ive had it a few times in my life. Haven't had it in almost 8 years though. Havent seen any shadowy or demonic figures that people talk about. It just feels like I'm surrounded by a whirlwind or tornado. Kinda like the Wizard of Oz. Hard to explain. I simply relax and let it go away on its own. I think when you panic the shadowy figures appear because of your anxiety. I heard this one guru say that if it happens you should think of the color green...
  14. The simple, yet superb power of Acknowledgement

    Never understood what universal consciousness was. I basically believe everything is one, comes from one, and cannot exist without each other. Acknowledging someone as they are is acknowledging "the one" that is in everything else. We all have unique qualities that make us different in capabilities etc..But when you acknowledge someone as they are you're not seeing their appearance, but the same spirit that connects them to you and everything else. Through that the ego or flesh can't get in the way..You don't see the individual, you see the God(I Am) that makes them connected to you and the "all".. Thats why I said awareness makes everything known, while acknowledgment makes everything whole. You see it as apart of something wHoly