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Heroes, Worshippers, Charlatans and Seekers

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Jakara, that was nice. Thanks.

It could be the intro to the whole site. A reminder of keeping perspective so to speak


The result is a complete absorption into a view of ourselves as part of a universal whole. We view and feel the world and everything in it as part of ourselves and celebrate this with our daily practice without need for a goal. Real compassion is an unavoidable consequence which requires no effort.


Yes. Because it's our true nature which is known when it is revealed. Like a bubbling spring from inside.


From this point on a continual practice of non-conceptual meditation results in a natural journey through further states that include a naturally arising intention for yoga, alchemy, ritual and eventually leads to earthly and heavenly immortality and the return to the source itself.


This is when that within us which knows and remembers the source begins to awaken and we follow the lead to nuture it.


Your post reminds me of this from The purity and Tranquility Scripture:



Get rid of desires for good

And the mind will be calm

Cleanse your mind

And the spirit will be pure.....


Those who have abandoned their desires

Observe your mind by introspection -

And see there is no mind......


In purity and tranquillity

Gradually enter the true Tao

When the true Tao is entered

It is realised


When we speak of 'realised'

Actually there is nothing to attain

Rather we speak of realization

When someone begins to tranform the myriad beings


The highest gentleman does not fight

The lesser gentleman loves to fight

Highest virtue is free from virtue

Lesser virtueclings to virtue


All clinging and attatchments

Have nothing to do with the Tao or the Virtue


...........Those who understand the realization of the Tao

Will rest forever in the pure and tranquil

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