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  1. New Interview with sifu Lin Aiwei

    I think what Matt is asking for Lin is if you could elaborate on the most complicated method you know What you provided was too simple to be effective. I am just teasing you Matt (kind of), but it's coming from the heart bro. As long as you have attachments to the siddhis, you are not likely going to get off the ferris wheel. Check this video out:
  2. New Interview with sifu Lin Aiwei

    Hey guys, I thought some of you might be interested in this. Please subscribe to the Time Monk Radio channel if you enjoyed it as we will be releasing several discussions with Lin sifu on various cultivation topics. Any suggestions, topic requests, criticism welcomed. Kind Regards
  3. Time Monk interview of sifu Lin Aiwei

    Lol i can remember when I first starting reading his postings here in 2007. I was blown away by the depth of his understanding. He was a little heavy on the buddhism for my mindset ay the time, but now I agree that it's just another side to the same coin. Lin is definitely a rare individual.
  4. Many here may remember sifu Lin Aiwei. I had the good fortune to participate on a round table interview with him. Some of the info is basic, because it was meant as an introduction to cultivation, but there are also many pearls of wisdom interlaced throughout. Also,I am not great at public speaking so please forgive me for all the "ahhs" and "umms" lol. MP3: http://www.mediafire...743qokblgdfdllk
  5. Music from a Daoist

    The beginning reminded me of Fujiyama Geisha, then the guitar riffs and drums kicked in. Very cool.
  6. Hi Matt, Don't get me wrong, I think the underlying neigong system is real and I have experienced my fair share of weird shit. It is some of John's "abilities" that I am starting to question (and I hope I'm wrong).Look at the last video Blair took. Why couldn't he push the chopstick through the table top? As for the Indonesians, I know it's just innuendo, but they don't sound like a very dedicated bunch. And still none have reached lvel 4.
  7. I found the book to be an entertaining read, and I think Jim was expressing his honest feelings. Do I agree with everything he wrote? No but what difference does it make. The most important thing I got out of it is that I question whether John is even legit anymore. I am starting to really think the reason he closed the system is because Jim and Kosta were getting to the point where John couldn't BS them about higher levels anymore. First Jim doubted the X-ray of his dantien was real. That always struck me as really questionable too. Then other things started to increase my suspicion like his cutting the banana inside the peel and his explanation that the peel is more porous. Not only does that explanation not make sense, but it brought to mind an old parlor trick that I remember as a kid where you create that effect using a fine needle and thread (see below). Then there's the pellet gun shot. Jim says he felt absolutely nothing, then after looking around they find the crushed pellet on the floor. Perhaps the reason Jim felt nothing was because the gun was empty and the mashed up pellet was either placed earlier or palmed and dropped. This begs the question that if John is some super human, why can most of what he does be boiled down to parlor tricks? Where there's smoke, there's usually fire. It kills me to write this because I really wanted John to be the real deal, but now I doubt it.
  8. sleeping qigong/shui gong teachers in USA?

    Eva Wong teaches various sleeping postures in her system. There wasn't really much to it outwardly (although sometimes less can be more). Unlike other qigong forms where you direct chi through intention, in sleeping qigong you just kind of line up the body certain ways and let the energy do its thing naturally. There may be more advanced stuff in the higher levels since her lineage traces back to chen xiyi who was said to sleep for weeks/months at a time.
  9. You could spend all day marvelling st the boat, or you could just get in it and paddle across the river.
  10. You're preaching to the choir brother.
  11. I think I've lost it

    MPG, I had a very similar experience a couple years ago. I believe some type of entity was feeding off of me at night. It was like being wrapped in a shadow coccoon and paralyzed. Absolutely terrifying, and it was feeding off the fear. I was cultivating pretty heavily, and instinctlively knew what to do one night. I kinda of "allowed" this thing to attach itself to me as usual. Then instead of panicking, I calmy began reciting/vibrating a buddhist mantra. Whatever this was, I could feel it begin to panic and become terrified itself. I mean this thing was really freaking out on a primal level, but it couldn't get away. I kept reciting the mantra and this thing exploded/disintegrated. Never saw it again.
  12. I just finished reading the book, and it certainly paints a different picture than Kostas' books. It could use some polishing as it kind of jumps around a lot, and he repeats himself a fair bit. There's also too much christian judgementalism for my taste. I understand Jim's frustration though, since he invested so many years of dedicated training only to get the rug pulled out from under him. I can't believe I am saying this, but it actually makes me wonder if John Chang might not be the real thing after all. I know that was not Jim's intention, but there are little things that just raise red flags for me the way Jim describes them. Maybe that is why no one ever gets to level 4.
  13. Taoist magic

    You alredy have powers brother, you just don't recognize them for what they are. The power of wisdom for example is infinitely more useful than say the power to bend a spoon through telekinesis. One sifu I learned a lot from would say the siddhis will come, but don't go looking for them. Work on cultivating your wisdom. Possibly some of those who seem to have power without virtue may have done the "work" in previous incarnations. If they misuse them, then they will have to deal with karmic repercussions (and would have been much better off without siddhis). Others may have aquired power through demonic means.
  14. Question on combining the white lead and red cinnabar

    My understanding of dual cultivation is that you and your partner are speeding up the early stages by giving each what the other is deficient of. Women are naturally more yin which is strongest in menstral blood. Men are more yang which is strongest in the jing. You absorb some of her essence, she absorbs some of yours. Supposedly dual cultivation is the best method for people who start alchemy in the later stages of life, and are naturally more deficient. Later on, both men and women would retain their essences. By the way, contrary to popular belief I was told by Eva that the jing is primarily contained in the pre-ejaculate (clear liquid), not the ejaculate/semen. I hope this helps. The alchemical language is really hard to penetrate, because the same terms and symbols are often used to interchangeably to represent different things.
  15. Example Protocol to test Fa Jin ability

    Don't even try to tell me that wasn't some serious fa jin at 50 seconds on the first clip. The second clip was an ansolute treat too. Literally awesome! Thanks!