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  1. Misdirected Path

    Errr, what?! VMarco said love can't be sent? So, just as the sun sends warm life giving rays, we can't do the same with loving intent from our heart? How cold. That is such a limiting attitude. I never get this notion of unconditional love/compassion being somehow seperate from wisdom. BTW, nice avatar Cat.
  2. Sexual Abuse and Misconduct in Buddhism

    such a sensible and well balanced post.
  3. 'New' Enlightened Master On The Scene?

    wow, I'm popping by at this forum not too often, and then out of the blue walla: an impromtu rendezvouz with an old mate Hi Lin, yeah, it was almost 2 years ago. It's strange that you're saying sorry to me when Im the one who should apologise for being a pest & bugging you as nuch as I did Hope things are going well with your school........well I bet they are
  4. 'New' Enlightened Master On The Scene?

    Vishnu/Narayana as the God of medicine is called Dhanvantari - as Buddha, Medicine Buddha Bhaisajya Guru ........different names....
  5. Looking for free online videos

    These videos (there are 2) are very easy to follow and learn. The Form is great to do and brings a very nice energy.
  6. Australian Taoists

    I don't call myself a taoist, just an occa Im south east of Melbourne "COOEE" hahahah I'll respond with a gumleaf whistle from the skippy intro theme.
  7. Who are the top people out there?

    Amma. Darshan with Amma is an experience of the heart. So many people are/were deeply touched-young & old from every walk of life. She is extrodinary.
  8. The maha karuna dharani is really amazing and multi dimensional in its application and effect. All the best with your practice/recitation.
  9. the Arts and Spirituality

    Beautiful work. TALENT!!!
  10. Growing Weary

    Genuine question: where are they and what sort of things would they be doing? Interested to hear your take Thanks.
  11. Cundi Mantra

    I agree with Ryan that the intent is the most important thing. That being said, I think sanskrit is soooo beautiful and I personally try to go with it as accurately as I can, though my pronunciation isn't perfect. I try to feel the mantra, refer to sanskrit that I've heard and also get clues from the way that the roman characters are used to write the words (which is sometimes kinda diferent from how we use them in day to day english). I'll have a crack at typing the Dharani in phonetics according to how I think it is pronounced. Where theres a line above a letter its a point of emphasis so I'll write it in capitals, it can be explained as long two beats like 'a' as in 'calm' whereas a without the line above is short one beat like 'a' in 'america' the 'c' in the name Cundi is used as we would if c and h were together as in the word 'chair' namaḥ: na-mah. the constonant 'h' is pronounced with the breath. saptānāṃ: saptA-nAm nam sounds like 'sum' samyak: sum-yuk (yuk as in duck) saṃbuddha: sum-boodd-ha koṭīnāṃ: ko-ti-nAm ko as in 'go' and nam as in 'calm' tadyathā: tad-ya-thA: tad as in 'mud', thA: t and h are pronounced seperately, not together as in 'the', rather, 't' and 'h', then the final a is emphasised a bit as if there were two a's instead of one, kinda like 't-hA' oṃ: I think this can be short ie 'om' as in 'on', or long as ommmm which sort of fades cale: cha-lay, lay as in prey cule: chu-lay, chu 'u' as in book, cundī: chundi, 'u' as in book 'choon-di' svāhā: the 'v' is pronounced as 'w' 'swA-hA' it might sound something like this: na-mah saptA-nAm sum-yuk sum-boodd-ha ko-ti-nAm. tad-ya-thA oṃ. cha-lay chu-lay choon-di swA-hA The Mahacundi Dharani is so beautiful, so shining and bright. This is my best effort at writing it in phonetics according to my limited understand and my inner 'feel'I hope it's OK.
  12. Favourite Buddhist Books

    Avalokitasvara's universal door chapter of the Sadharmapundarikasutram (Lotus Sutra) Sutra of the Medicine Buddha Bhaisajyaguru Vaidurya Prabha Maha Karuna Dharani Sutra (great compassion mantra) The Thousand armed Avalokitesvara by Lokesh Chandra. Includes a detailed discussion on the various versions of the Maha Karuna Dharani/Nilakantha Dharani The Sutra on the Ten Wholesome ways of action. Usnisa Vijaya Dharani Sutra Change of Heart. The Bodhisattva Peace Training of Chagdud Tulku Changing Destiny, Liao Fan's Four Lessons with commentary by Venerable Master Chin Kung
  13. Sex and Karma