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Mair 12:1

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Although heaven and earth are great, their evolution is uniform.  Although the myriad things are numerous, their governance is unitary.  Although the masses of men are multitudinous, their ruler is the one lord.  The lord finds his source in virtue and his completion in heaven.  Therefore it is said that the lords of dark antiquity ruled all under heaven through nonaction, through the virtue of heaven, and that is all.

If we observe words in the light of the Way, the names of all under heaven will be rectified.  If we observe distinctions through the Way, the usages appropriate for ruler and subject will be clear.  If we observe abilities through the Way, the officials of all under heaven will govern well.  If we observe generally through the Way, the application of the myriad things will be total.  Therefore, the Way is that which pervades heaven and earth, virtue is that which accords with the myriad things; administrative affairs are the means by which superiors govern the people; and skill is that which lends art to ability.  Skill is linked to administrative affairs, administrative affairs are linked to righteousness, righteousness is linked to virtue, virtue is linked to the Way, and the Way is linked to heaven.  Therefore, it is said, those among the ancients who reared all under heaven

Were without desire,
Yet all under heaven had enough.
They did nothing,
Yet the myriad things evolved.
They were silent as the watery depths,
Yet the hundred clans were settled.

A record says:

Commune with the one,
And the myriad affairs will be completed.
Have no mind for achievement,
And the ghosts and spirits will submit.
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Seems an interesting discourse on how duality and non-duality reconcile...  have one foot, have one eye, have one hand and foot in each side and you can reconcile they are the same.

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