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Hello, thankyou and playing with life.

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Hello Daobums and thankyou for a forum with lots of useful info and tips.


I'm Ad_B, from the middle of England and I've been studying Taichi,qigong/daoyin/yoga for some 10 years and trying to relate it to modern science and knowledge of biology and such, learning and applying some aspects to my own health and wellbeing with some success and some failure.


In this regard, I've come here to leach experiences, thoughts and ideas from others and, if appropriate, offer some of mine such as they are and so thought it would be polite to actually join the forum.


I prefer the actual nitty-gritty, lived experience,nuts and bolts reality of stuff and have been playing with some aspects of the above mentioned notably Yang Short-form, Standing-pole, Standing and sitting (and variants) Eight Brocades, Shibashi, Yijinjing and Five Animals play variants and history.


I've played all of these with varying levels of skill with two of the intentions (?...I might not get terms and things correct!...please enlighten) being health and wellbeing and with some excellent results both good and sometimes not so good but with an improving situation regarding outlook, health, enjoyment, balance and existential acceptance.


I'm trying to just learn and enjoy a few forms and techniques without over-doing it and being consumed/distracted by too much practise and learning and to just refine a little bit of knowledge into a real and helpful lived experience but there are soooo many different and variable things and often nothing gets done properly.


Wishing you all a nice cup of tea,






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On 9/1/2017 at 1:40 AM, Ad_B said:

A nice cup of tea.


Good morning Ad_B,


Will be having my breakfast soon and that nice cuppa.

Your post is a gem. You like to kick off a TDB ball and let it roll?


- LimA

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