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Two Productivity Tools for the New Year

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Here is my updated One page Productivity Wallet. Its a 2 page word 2003 document. Print out a few copies of page 1, then flip'em and print out page 2 on the back. Once they're two sided, fold'em in thirds, then in half to have a nice flat wallet-like sheet that fits in a pocket and allows you to track your day.



and here is the classic 100 Day Gong Poster(brilliant, not mine), where you fill in a smile for every day you've done your Gong. Can't download it on this page. I've gone over my global limit size here. No biggie. Google '100 day gong' and you'll find it. A nice poster w/ 100 blank faces, labeled 1 to 100. You add the smile (or frown) to each day you do your practice.


It starts w/ I love this day!, I __________ greet today with a smile, for I have taken a small step twoards my 100 DAY GONG, I began on __________. Then has the 100 faces to fill in.




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