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Paramhansa Yogananda explains a Buddhist principle

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I was reading from Man's Eternal Quest at the bookstore tonight, and Yogananda helped me gain clarity about something that seems like a Buddhist teaching- identifying with the observer instead of with the observed.


He said to just observe your life like you're watching a movie, without identifying with the drama and the roles you play. He said to identify with the Self and to not be attached to your experiences.


This is similar to Ken Keyes's stage of growth he called 'conscious awareness', in The Handbook to Higher Consciousness, in which you observe your own and others' lives from a deep place of peace within yourself, not getting emotionally caught up in it all.


I feel that these teachings are helpful descriptions of the enlightened state, where one is deeply at peace, free of drama, non-judgmentally observing the contents of consciousness, identified with pure being and awareness.

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