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Oh, I believe air quality matters tremendously, absolutely.  I just doubt that what you measure from your cigarette and what I experienced in traffic in Beijing are even remotely the same thing to measure.  I think it's about the way a personal meter is designed -- depending on the size of the particles, you can expect quite a lot of false positives and false negatives, basically it measures "something," but not the level of health hazard of what you breathe. 


I'm told Shanghai is unlivable air-wise and I believe it, and Beijing air horrified me enough -- but even pretty much anywhere I lived, including the most pollution-free areas, I can attest to the air quality being nothing like what I breathed in the depth of the Amazon rain forest.  Has to do with the level of oxygen in the air -- the rain forest produces 20% of all oxygen in the world, and you feel it in every cell.  Also, the native inhabitants there smoke wild rain forest tobacco, rolling little quick cigarettes and huge cigars out of it, so they don't get a dose of toxic chemicals that are added to our commercial cigarettes.  Those added chemicals (some 2,000 of them), I know, are indeed quite dangerous.  But instead of insisting on banning those, the FDA and the EPA go tweaking with people's minds.  Secondhand or first-hand, it's not the tobacco smoking, it's what they lace it with... 


But any objections from our "protectors" to those gifts from the "better life through chemistry" megacorporations?  Any attempts to stop them from doing this?  I'm yet to see any.  They carefully avoid the real issue and instead make up a bogus one.  I.e. they make the individual believe that he or she is the one responsible for what in reality is the doing of giant, and untouchable, chemical and pharmaceutical corporations.  This way everybody is kept dutifully guilty or alternatively dutifully paranoid about what they personally do and what ordinary people around them do (that's how you control the population -- make them blame themselves or each other), while the corporations do what they do with impunity.  Polluting both the air and the cigarettes and the mind of the individual buying into the narrative. 

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