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  1. Teaching authentic neigong

    No problem, can't hurt to show a bit more can it. But, you have got to love the comments. Apparently I am using an electric touch plus static generator and that is all it can be, just a machine and a trick. It's sad that so few lineages lead to basic qi ability that most people cannot even accept the possibility that these things can be done without needing some gimmick or faking it. Anyway, for what it's worth, I am not using some machine, just years of hard work and the correct practices.
  2. Teaching authentic neigong

    I finally decided to upload some videos showing basic direct contact qi emission. It's the most basic form of qi emission with an electric quality and it was done in chronological order to see the changes over time as the dantian and qi levels develop pushing channels more and more open. Not something that happens in a few weeks or months, but development that happens over years and years for practice. There are more advanced levels of qi emission which I don't show here but maybe later will do some videos showing them. As the channels open and the MCO develops, moving qi around in the body becomes easier and becomes the fuel required for higher level practices.
  3. Feedback about 小梦想's neigong seminar?

    It seems there is some interest in a April 9 seminar so I have added the details to my website. It is live now and people can book their spots at a reduced cost. You can book straight away as it's a one off payment does does not automatically add you to the monthly subscriptions. Please share so we can have as many people as possible take advantage of this rate as possible, I honestly don't think I will be doing it again at such a low cost. Place to book your spot is half way down the homepage in the events section.
  4. Feedback about 小梦想's neigong seminar?

    I would consider another reduced cost seminar on April 9-10 is there is enough interest. Please share and if I get enough people enquiring will make it official.
  5. What exactly is stored in the LDT?

    There is no point to argue. I didn't even read the word lying, in my head it was replaced with misunderstanding. Which of you is misunderstanding. I just stated my experience and background so that he knows where my explanation comes from. There is so little understanding about Daoist terms and what they actually mean because people always quote the ancient scripts and never get to the point where cultivation passes what they studied. A point where they can look back on it and go, oh, that what that is referring to. Neidan theory isn't instructions, it's metaphors explaining a process and I think we all know how creative people can get when using metaphors and similes to explain something. Pick any poem. I think some people like that because it makes them feel important or they are perfectionists or that's just their personality type. At university many students tried so hard to use the correct medical/anatomical/body spacing terms because they are doctors and should sound like doctors. I have never had that desire, I use simple words, explain things in simple ways. My worth as a doctor isn't about trying to sound clever, sound like or even look like a doctor, it's from being successful in treating my patients. My worth as a teacher isn't about creating a persona of wearing the right clothes and posting selfies of myself meditating every day or explaining neidan in the normal terms that are confusing or going on about theory for hours so I sound impressive, it's about students making progress. In that progress, when they read the theory, it will be crystal clear how simple things actually are. Until they reach the required milestones, the theory is just random words that in truth have no meaning. In reality, until you start using your qi, needing to replenish it, understanding the effects it has on your body when you are drained or tired, knowing which health situations results in slower cultivation, how to refine lower quality qi into higher quality qi etc. it's just guessing really. They don't really have any direct experience with the effects and mechanisms at hand so how could they possibly do anything other than parrot the same theory they read in books.
  6. What exactly is stored in the LDT?

    A lot of TCM is metaphors, using abstract language to convey phenomena not understood scientifically thousands of years ago. Think of the curses for opening pharaohs tombs that turned out to be fungal spores. Or areas of the devil that kill anyone who goes there that show levels of toxic underground gasses. There are easier ways to describe some tcm theories and terms and what is the route that I have taken. Most people define Jing as a vital substance because that is their understanding of it and in most cases, they are just parroting theory they themselves were taught (they don't actually understand it well enough to explain it in any way other than parroting). My understanding is based on a degree in tcm (including all the normal western medicine courses) and studying with masters such as Master Jiang, Master Wang, Master Wu, Master Cheng and Master Zhou. I am a doctor myself and a long term student of masters who all have very demonstrable levels of qi. I myself can demonstrate my qi levels to any non believer in the same way these masters can. I have assisted in the treatment and teaching of thousands of patients and students over the years. My understanding and chosen way to explain comes from personal experience and cultivation to a degree that very few western teachers and authors can compete with. But if you prefer the explanation that jing is some magical substance and the dantian is some magical reactor outside the bounds of regular bodily functions then you are welcome to it. We are talking about the same thing, I just use easier to understand terms to explain them and don't consider them magical or outside the bounds of normal bodily function and reactions. You can choose the scholarly explanation if you wish, but it's not helpful for both patients and students in my experience. I explain these things in a way that people know how to affect them, how it affects them and how they can improve their chances of being successful in neidan/neigong and their overall health in general.
  7. What exactly is stored in the LDT?

    Anger is effectively choosing fight in the fight or flight response, meaning the sympathetic nervous system takes over. Being angry constantly is the same as constantly being stressed, even if the mechanism and eventual damage isn't exactly the same. Sex has a draining effect on the body passively. But here we more mean excessive sex, too much of a good thing right. Your body will prioritize reproduction above most other things, meaning, excessive sexual habits will have your body redirecting vital resources to replenishing lost reproductive fluids constantly. You are effectively limiting the resources for the rest of your body. It takes about 3 days for normal homeostasis to be restored. Cold is extremely damaging to the body, think of it terms of viscosity and rate of reaction. What happens to the fat in a frying pan when it cools down, what happens to most things when they cool down, chemical reactions slow down as temperature goes does, blood becomes thicker and flows less readily. Your body is just a extremely complicated chain of chemical reactions. Chemical reactions in exposed cells slow down, localized blood stasis or a reduction in blood flow follow which then results in homeostasis being impacted. Constantly exposing yourself to cold can have short term health benefits if done correctly, but long term, especially when done incorrectly can have a severe impact on overall homeostasis and general health. Most things, even those perceived as being healthy, if done too much, can drastically affect overall health negatively. Think of exercising without rest days. It takes time for your body to repair, replenish and restore normal function. Sweating even though healthy and beneficial, can be extremely draining and taxing on the blood if it's constant. Luckily, the body does compensate for many things by becoming more efficient, but there are limits and considerations for most things and does require some basic knowledge to get right. Everything must be done in balance.
  8. What exactly is stored in the LDT?

    Jing isn't a thing or a substance, not one thing or substance anyway. If you think of jing as an indication of your current health and homeostasis then it becomes easier to understand. The bodies ability to perform the functions it needs to perform. Sex and anger greatly affect the kidneys and liver respectively, which in a very big way throws the body out of balance (both affect the homeostasis of the blood in a big way), which reduces your jing. It's not like a liquid of a set quantity that is lost, but a reduction in the bodies homeostasis, resulting it in functioning at a less optimal state, less effective at performing the basic functions that need performing. Think of internal heat building up, phlegm build up, reduction in blood flow, less oxygen to cells, more toxicity build up in cells, intra/extracellular fluid concentrations being out of whack. Different organs that affect the function of another as in the 5 element theory which results in an overall less efficient body because everything in the body affects everything else. Too much of this or too little of that has a systemwide effect. In the case of the holocaust survivors, we can see the huge impact mental stability, being positive and kind has on the homeostasis of the body. During the malnourishment, jing levels would have been fairly low, but because of the way some people can remain positive, the effects don't linger in them. They recover and due to their exceptional ability to be positive, health quickly returns to them. There is more and more evidence to support how our thinking affects gene activation, which has a huge impact on the homeostasis of the body and in turn overall health.
  9. Teaching authentic neigong

    My next seminar I have reduced the cost to only £50, but it's in 2 days, so if you want to jump on this offer please don't wait. If anyone has been on the fence or just want to come and see what it is that I teach, now is the perfect opportunity. Authenticneigong.com for anyone interested. The seminar dates and method to book your spot is halfway down the home page.
  10. Feedback about 小梦想's neigong seminar?

    There is a ton of amazing feedback in both telegram and discord. Maybe if they see this message they might come give some more feedback. But to clarify, for me amazing feedback is health improvement, feeling more energetic, having yearly medicals come back better than ever, not having the horrific energy deviations some had when they started, feeling more positive in life, happier and more calm in stressful situations. As health improves so does the benefit and speed at which you cultivate. I am doing a new seminar on this saturday 26 February, and I am willing to reduce the cost to £50 for anyone who wishes to join, message me privately on here for a link or email at [email protected] or go to my website to sign up: authenticneigong.com. It's a monthly membership after the seminar but can be cancelled at any time.
  11. What exactly is stored in the LDT?

    You attempt to claim what I do isn't the alchemical method, where I stand firmly that it is. But hey, fantasy sells, people want cultivation to be magical, mysterious, unknowing. This unfortunately allows random methods, random ofset schools to be able to say what they do is valid too, regardless of the lack of reasonable and expected abilities that should develop naturally as a result of correct practice. Worse still it allows people to get away with pretending they know what they are talking about when they have no actual cultivation behind them. Just need to study neidan theory and create their online persona. Enjoy the conversation, I'll be taking my leave from it now.
  12. What exactly is stored in the LDT?

    They are not dumb questions at all. Masters of old used metaphors to explain the process, used terminology to explain phenomena that we now have normal words for. The issue comes in when those who haven't cultivated properly misinterpret these explanations to be something more than what they really are. 1. Jing refers to the substances required to generate qi, qi is energy. Our bodies produce energy for our cells every single day. There is very little difference in the requirement for generating qi and generating ATP as far as resources are concerned. You don't drain your jing through cultivation any more than you would by exercising. This also means that exercising (some types better than others) can increase your ability to regulate jing. Fitness and correct diet come into play. 2. Jing is the substances required to generate energy, whether it be qi or ATP. So, your body naturally generates jing every single day all on it's own. The healthier you are, the better quality life you live, the better your body functions, the more efficiently it converts food into jing which is then used to generate qi. This happens every single day in your body regardless of meditation. Cultivation just uses this natural process to accumulate energy in a slightly different way and a slightly different location. Think of a runner just starting out vs a person who has been running for a year. The person just starting will have a significantly less efficient body and tire much quicker compared to the person running a while already. The new runners ability to replenish the jing used for energy production is not efficient. His lungs will burn because they aren't used to running at such a capacity, his sides will get crapms, his legs will run out of strength, his body will get exhausted quickly. be careful though, over exercising without proper rest is just as damaging as not exercising, a balance must be found and maintained. An unhealthy, overweight, take away eating daily drinker, smoker and porn addict will never be a good runner or have an efficient body for running and in turn for cultivation. First they must fix their health, diet, habits to ensure their body functions at a better capacity. Neigong/neidan/cultivation is the exact same thing. The healthier your body, the quicker it will adapt to this new "stress" and become more efficient at regulating "jing". These things are way simpler than they are made out to be online and in books. Sadly, you take away some of the magical nature of it too when you explain it in this way.
  13. What exactly is stored in the LDT?

    The simplest explanation, without all the jargon is, you are storing a voltage potential. Potential energy to be used for health or higher cultivation. The scholars will soon come and make this very complicated, but it's truly simple. It's an energy source that can be used by every single cell, organ and system in your body. It's simply an excess of the energy that normally courses through your body in tiny amounts, stored in large amounts. Most people refer to this as qi (chi). This energy can be stored at different levels of refinement depending on your cultivation level and development of your MCO, which sadly means, the usage/benefit is dependant on the level of refinement. Coarse, dense qi barely benefits the person who has it and is very difficult to move or use, highly refined qi takes on the quality of plasma, resulting in a dense qi field that benefits those around you just because they are in close proximity to you and is required for higher level cultivation. Most people barely scratch the surface of dantian/qi development though and by doing this, shoot themselves squarely in the foot for any higher cultivation. Hope this answer is helpful.
  14. Teaching authentic neigong

    I can definitely understand wanting something like this but it's very very unlikely I will ever put out a PDF or written instructions for anything that I teach, sorry. I am happy to do one on one instructions every now and again at a time that is suitable for some who have very busy lives and are completely unable to join any of the seminar dates. This is more a special circumstance kind of thing rather than something I want to make the norm. Just PM me and we can see.
  15. Teaching authentic neigong

    You are very welcome. Yeah Master zhou coming to visit for a few days was a nice little surprize. Whenever he is in shanghai he pops round, i didn't know beforehand he would be here but it was great that the free seminar lined up with his visit.