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Lord shiva & the ascetic life

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There are tons of introductory information on the internet about Lord Shiva. (or Lord Siva, both with capitals)  

I have found the teachings of Lord Siva as (or with the aspects of) Lord Nataraja to be very helpful in getting a handle on key and important meanings.  All sects of Hinduism start with the foundation of non-violence and 'yama' type precepts - so various powers and Kundalini  (which are often talked about) are not its goals, Self Realization is the goal ! - Also abstaining from certain things and many other yogic methods that help toward Self Realization are carefully taught and used by qualified Swamis and Gurus along with the very important spiritual writings per related sects.   Btw, the  Upanishads are an excellent source of information about Self Realization.   


Good luck  

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