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Any notice a difference in wearing a gem to enhance aspects of their chart?



This is what I understand about gems from my teacher and other sources.


Gems are powerful, they can divert the course of karma, temporarily pause or change the course.  Temporary is the keyword here.   No one can escape the course of karma.  If not now, then down the road.  We have to face the fruit of actions that we did.  Due to this reason for temporary diversion, I see some teachers are totally against wearing Gems.  I held this view for a long time.


Then I revised my opinions on this.  Sometimes, it is good or better to pause certain karmas temporarily or diverting them by wearing these gems.  Life can be very unconducive at some times.  We are ill prepared to face the brunt of our past karmas at certain periods of life.   Some other times, we are better able to face the result of these past karmas.  So wearing gems temporarily is okay in my opinion.


The complexity comes in choosing the gems.  This is some serious stuff.  If done wrong, it can have bad consequences.   Gems are powerful, they act fast.  


Sri Parasara Maharishi has given numerous charts on his Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra.  Then we come across the cryptic sutras given by Jaimini Maharishi.   These days people go only by the Rasi and Navamsa charts in the southern India.  Most people think and use Navamsa for marital affairs.  Navamsa is the chart of Dharma.    In the North India, I rarely see the Navamsa these days, people go only by the Rasi chart.  The rasi chart from birth time is just an overview of this particular birth.   There are numerous other charts that go into various detailed aspects of the life.


Going by one particular chart like the rasi chart, if we chose a gem, it could have negative repercussions from another divisional chart or other aspects of life.  This does not mean gems are a No No.   I have advocated gems to other people at times.  I use it only after trying other methods.   I give lot of thought, careful consideration to various aspects and also pray to receive intuitive guidance.   Only after I am convinced, I advocate gems in very small number of cases.  


Even after finding the right Gem to enhance the aspects of one chart, one can't jump to wear that gem, when where and how they like.  There comes other things like strengthening a planet or to weaken it's effects temporarily.  In order to enhance a chart, some times we have to weaken the effect of certain planets.  Depending on which hand a person wears the ring, this weakening/strengthening can change.   If the person wears it in the wrong hand, instead of enhancing, it can have entirely opposite effects.  The fingers are another factor that comes into play after we chose the correct hand.  Depending on which finger one wears the ring has different meanings, different effects.


To answer the question straight, yes gems are powerful tools that can enhance a certain chart.  They can also do the opposite. Lot of people wear diamond rings or whatever other gems without knowing what kind of effects it can have in their life.  For some, it can be great and for some others disastrous.  If we can avoid gems, that would be the way I would advocate.


Use other tools, prayer is one potent tool that can enhance any and all of the divisional charts of a person.    Similar to gems, in prayer at certain times it is conducive to pray to certain deities.  This can enhance the chart.  Conversely praying to the wrong deity will never have bad effects like choosing the wrong gems.   Prayer has meaning in and of itself.  Doesn't matter the deity or to 'what' a person prays to.  It is just that earnest and sincere seeking.  In a flash of a second, it can bring about big changes.  Don't expect this to happen right away.  Pray sincerely and let it go.   The result may not be instantaneous most of the time, but it will come.

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