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I've been thinking of this for some months, so I'll explain here.


This forum is quite similar to other ones, technologically speaking, of course. The problem, for me, is how it's elements are distributed in the screen (I've worked as a web-designer for years):


1.The main title is too big, at least vertically. The picture is superb -I love it-, but it could be stretched a little bit, so it doesn't occupy so much space. Sometimes the site goes really slow (I have a very good connection), so I guess there's some "no cache" html directive somewhere.


2.The google ads could be located in the right side, for example. Just the title and the ads needs my whole screen space to display. Really disturbing.


3.The search bar could be integrated with the panel bar, just to save a bit more of vertical space.


Take those critics positively, please. They're based in my own experience with web-based designs, and in the differences I see when I go to other forums.


Best regards.

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I only have 2 gripes:


1) There's 2 search functions and neither seems to work very well. They seem to return different results at different times and miss a lot.

2) You can't seem to subscribe to individual threads...only forums.

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