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  1. Semen Retention Dangers

    You're totally, completely and absolutely right.
  2. Vegetarian diet and body building / hard training

    Yoga, a many thousand-years-old spiritual technique to join God, encourages a lactovegetarian diet in order to cleanse the body and the brain, and, thanks to that, to open up your subtle channels to join the upper realms. That same idea is repeated in the Essene's Gospel rolls, related to the Christian religion. I suppose all those old sages did know a healthy body is needed to achieve a physiological improvement that ultimately will lead to a spiritual enlightenment.
  3. Vegetarian diet and body building / hard training

    I've been practicing vegetarianism in all its aspects for 10 years. First off, being vegan, trying a hard workout and having a job is not a good combination, because the body ends up consumed. In my experience ovolactovegetarianism is the best option in order to do so. Egg and fresh cheese (cottage style) are the best proteins sources because they are used for muscle construction (about 90% of them), while, for example, red meat is only used in a 40% for so. High protein diets tend to increase blood's acidity and to produce illnesses like gout. There's another interesting diet (which you can combine with the veg one) called genotype diet. I've being trying it for some months with really good results. Bye
  4. Begin cultivating.

    Thanks for the site!
  5. Really interesting post, friend. Your signature remains me the middle column of the cabalah, where the crown, the heart and the root chakra are connected, so the subject, ie us, is the clue that joins the heaven and the earth together. And to end up, as the bible says (and I'm not Christian), when you join God you die, because the path is completed for the life in course. In another post I said I'm trying to ascend the orgasm energy up to the brain. I've been able to do so till the middle of my back, so I'm progressing. I'll report you when I reach my goal, if I don't go nuts in the process ;-)
  6. Cancer The Shocking Truth

    I totally agree with the first post. Scientists have been investigating different foods, that, apparently, combat cancer. Curiously, there's a substance in the curry that fights bowel cancer, and that explains why it's so low the cancer rate in India. I added fresh sprouts to my diet time ago. If you eat a living being like a sprout, you add a lot of enzymes to your digestive track, that not only feed you, but that they also clean and block a lot of dangerous molecules. There's an interesting reading about dieting: the essene's gospel. Have a look at it, specially to the part where it's explained how you should eat to get closer to God. Cheers!
  7. Help My Penis, This Is Not A Joke

    Hey dudes: I've been practicing taoist yoga for several years. That thing about moving the air down, in my opinion, refers to moving the subtle energy of the air to the penis. I've not practiced such things, just because I'm happy with my dick, even if it's not a Nacho-Vidal-sized one, ha, ha. Anyway, I've got a theory. Our physical appearance is closely linked to the karma we must fulfill in the present life, so I think everyone should be confortable with its body, even if his penis is tinny or his nose is large. You'd better invest your time in strengthening your PC muscle, haha, that makes the difference when fucking. Bye folks.
  8. Pilates: a tao practice spoiler?

    You guy, that's the best advice I've ever listened to. From time to time it's true I overstrain myself, and that makes me lose my breath control. That point about the psoas muscle is invaluable for me right now. Thanks! I'll do some abdominal stretching exercises, as chakrasana posture, and I'll tell you back. Thanks for the help to you all.
  9. Hi Bums! I'm worried. I've been on an orgasm control routine, with much success for two months. Basically, I've been moving the sexual energy through the MCO. Around two weeks ago I started off practising Pilates (you know, that yoga-like exercises to strengthen the abdominal area), and since the very first day, I've been quite unable to retain the seed. My first suspicion is that the inner muscles have been tensed up due to the exercise. Maybe. that tension gets the inner machinery closer to the orgasm. It's a guess, just that. Any advice? I'd like to go on doing Pilates, because it releases my back's tension. Thanks!
  10. Hello from new member, Rhino

    Hi there, Rhino! There are many kiwis here :-D Just a joke. Hope you learn a lot, and that we learn from you too.
  11. Orgasmic upward draw , dangerous for men?

    Hi bums! I've tried several times to updraw an orgasm, once it's been released, and I've been totally unable to do so. I mean, when you are going to release the load then there's no other way to stop or redirect it, because you've lost the control and your physical nature acts its way. I've only been able to move it upwards before orgasming, ie, with the protoorgasms. The electrical shocks move up the spine, and down the chest/abdomen. And I can have the rear path opened, but when the critical moments arrives the front path does open up. Comments?
  12. Wow! What an interesting post! Anyway, I'd like to ask some questions: 1.I've excelled in ascending sexual energy to the head, but not the "cold" one (spermic), but the fiery one, I mean, the sex-energy generated during a sexual drive. I can feel it going up the head, and down the the navel, massaging all the path. When I have it opened up, and release the tongue switch and I pass some time gathering energy in the brain. The problem in that practice is that I can feel the "shocks" when the energy arrives, but I don't feel the energy floating in my brain. 2.Using the previous techniques I've tried to recharge my third eye. To do so I ascend the energy to the back of my cranium and I move it through the skull to the chakra. The experience has been great, and I can feel the "rays" of the chakras and an electrical feeling in my brow. Any comments? 3.To ignite the sexual drive I've experienced with my PC muscle. Incredible! If you have time, and if you combine a classical method with the PC contraction, all your body cells have a continuous orgasm. But that requires a lot of time for a single session. To end up. As long as I've not tasted that tonguy feeling, I have practised several times a tongue stimulation technique (NEW system). The problem is that I had to stop immediately due to the strong effect it had in my throat (an unbearable energy charge). Xeno, and the others, I'd appreciate some light on my doubts.
  13. Sunshine: You're absolutely right. Ejaculation is one thing, and orgasm is another one. I had another idea on my mind, but I didn't explained it correctly enough. What I meant is that there is a significant difference in between a complete orgasm, ie with ejaculation, and a non ejaculatory one. The first, in my opinion, is the complete one. The second, more than an orgasm, is a collection of sensations through your whole body... If I'm wrong (and I'm talking from my own experience) I'd like to hear from others. Once, I heard there's a massage technique in the lower back that makes you multiorgasmic with no other effort. Another myth, or a real fact?
  14. Top 5 Practices

    Well, many of the techniques you've jotted down are really attracting just by their names (embryonic breathing? very mysterious, indeed). So, if they can be explained (a sort of a tinny handbook here), I'd propose that each one of us would post more details on them. The ones I'd choose: 1.Inner guide meditation. 2.NEW system. 3.Mantak Chia's techniques (especially MCO). 4.Non-controlling way of life. 5.Reiki. And, the most important one, having learned to trust life, whatever it comes. Peace, love and light, folks!
  15. First off, I'd say there's not such "multiorgasmic" thing among men. If you cum, you cummed. Period. Another thing is to have pseudoorgasms during a sex intercourse. I've felt them while practising taoism, and they use to occur along the spine, and in between the navel and the column. There's something interesting to point out. When you have sex (with partner or alone), your sex energy starts to move to the base of the penis, and feels watery. When you have sex and you have to ascend it, that energy retreats back, and feels fiery. Maybe that's not very meaningful, said in words. But that's what I feel. When the energy starts to ascend up the spine, those mini pseudo orgasms start to pop up, and visuda starts to spin and expand.