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Things and philosophies can definitely be categorized as Buddhist or not Buddhist and they really should be.


Buddhism is a precise doctrine. If it is not authentic dependent origination it is NOT Buddha, Buddhist philosophy, Buddhist doctrine or Buddhism.


All of Gotamas teaching points, the marks of existence, no self, impermanence, emptiness, and the four noble truths are based on the doctrine of dependent origination.


People often have ideas that are in conflict with the core and foundation of what Buddhism is about (dependent origination). When they do and they are trying to pass it off as Buddhism they should be told it is not Buddhism.


People pass off new age ideals as Buddhism, but the Buddha said there was many wrong views, & wrong understandings.


People like to say that it is not very Buddhist to correct others about such things, they say that all religious philosophies are the same and that it is not very Buddhist to be so unaccepting of other doctrines. They say " who are you to say what is not Buddhist?"


But the Buddha himself did not have such a permissive view of things, infact he said there were many wrong views and many wrong understandings. Infact he studied many religions Hindu certainly included and he said they were ALL FALSE PATHS that lead you to no where. He said they were all steeped in ignorance and should be abandoned.


Several of the sutras are infact Buddha completely renouncing other religious beliefs.


So Buddha was not as open minded about religious views as you would think.


Many of the fundamental texts are refutations of FALSE ideologies. 


Nagarjunas bodies of work which are rightly thought to be the most precise and articulate works expounding Buddha's philosophy thoroughly refutes and rejects many things that people today still try to pass off as Buddhism.

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