Cultivation practices in hinduism

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What would be the equivalent cultivation practices in Hinduism?


Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, various Kriyas. 

The Ashtanga framework is used by various traditions within Hinduism, varying from the Classic darshanas such as Samkhya (which incidentally is the root of Yoga), Vedanta, Tantric schools.


The Purva Mimamsaka, Vaisheshika and Nyaya schools do not employ mind-body techniques in any significant way.


However, the Purva Mimamsa school deals with external rituals along with esoteric techniques, yet are not cultivation per se. 


Especially the Tantric schools (Shaiva and Shakta traditions) tend to focus on cultivation in the form of Kundalini practices. The parallels between the tantric and Daoist mind-body disciplines are very interesting and some people say that Lao Tzu was in fact none other than Bogar Nath, one of the great Tantric adepts of the Natha order of sanyasis (or renunciants). 

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